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Solar panel 100W slim version incl. bracket

Solar panel 100W slim ver

Solar panel 100W slim version incl. bracket
Solar panel 100W slim version incl. bracket
Solar panel 100W slim version incl. bracket
  • Product number: 851592

    • Quick assembly thanks to integrated brackets
    • Special Tedlar protective layer
    • anti-reflection coating
    • High efficiency (17.25 %)
    • 12V solar module with spoiler for easy quick mounting
  • Availability
    8 piece(s) immediately available

  • number

  • 259.00 €
  • incl. VAT, plus shipping and handling charges
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  • The integrated solar spoiler provide a small installation effort and accelerate the construction. The modules will be manufactured in accordance with the latest production technologies to ensure the highest performance. Each module of the company NDS have monocrystalline silicon cells which are protected by a high transparent Tedlar layer and tempered structure glass. The module surface has an anti-reflecting coating with a low ferric content. This special layer improves the efficiency up to 17,25%. The modules are appropriated to the strongest quality and safety standards IEC61215, IEC61730, and the ISO9001/ISO14000 certifications. These make the modules resistant to environmental influences. Integrated bypass diodes prevent damages caused by overvoltage and power loss at partial cut off. At contamination and breakdown of cells the loss of power is significantly reduced too. Module capacity 100W, capacity/day: 400Wh, rated voltage: 18,36 V, nominal current: 5,85 A, cable length 4m.

  • weight
    12,0 kg
  • Dimensions
    1727 x 416 x 60

  • Scope of Delivery: Solar panel 100W
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