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AGM Battery 12V Optima YTS2.7 38Ah

Batt.Optima YTS2.7 38Ah

AGM Battery 12V Optima YTS2.7 38Ah
  • Product number: 85550

    • Fixed cycle
    • Low self-discharge
    • Compact dimensions
    • Low weight
    • High current consumption
    • Ideal e.g. as caravan battery for shunting drives
  • Availability
    7 piece(s) immediately available

  • number

  • 184.90 €
  • incl. VAT, plus shipping and handling charges
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  • The Optima product series, which is marketed worldwide by Johnson Controls, differs from the usual battery brands by its special Spiralcell technology.
    This technology enables very high starting currents. The Optima series can be rapidly charged up to 100 amperes and is vibration-proof.
    It is particularly suitable as a starter battery, for use with shunting drives or as an on-board battery.
    The high power output and service life are special features of this battery type.
    Also the high vibration resistance compared to normal batteries.
    At the same time, Optima batteries are leak-proof, maintenance-free and can be installed in almost all positions (position-independent installation).
    With its patented spiral cell technology, it is about 15 times more resistant to vibration and has twice the service life as conventional batteries.
    The low self-discharge, the high resistance to cold and heat and the leakage safety also characterize this battery type.

    Technical data:
    Cycle resistant
    Voltage: 12V (positive pole left)
    Capacity: 38Ah
    Cold current at -18°C (A): 460
    Start current at 0°C (A): 575
    Reserve capacity: (BCI) Min: 66

  • weight
    approx. 11,6 kg
  • Dimensions
    L: 237 x W: 129 x H: 227 mm

  • Scope of Delivery: AGM Battery 12V
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