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Reimo Camping Megastore
Boschring 10
63329 Egelsbach

Öffnungszeiten Camping-Megastores:
Mo.-Fr.: 9:30 - 19:00 Uhr
Sa.: 9:30 - 15:00 Uhr

Caravan-mover, campingvognsmover, mover til campingvogn

Campingvognsmover, mover til campingvogn, caravan-mover

Manoeuvring system caravan, mover caravan, Reich MoveControl, Reich Easydriver, AL-KO Mammut, Enduro, Carbest maneuvring system

The Caravan Mover originate from England. On wet meadows a mover often called maneuvering, was, necessary. Today we distinguish between manual and automatic maneuvring systems. In the manual maneuvering the driving role of movers is pressed manually with a lever on the trailer tires. Then works the caravan mover with remote control.

Tilbehør og batterier for movere.

Vi anbefaler for movere Optima spiralcellebatterier, GreenPower batterier eller Carbest AGM batterier.

Reich movere Easydriver Pro og Basic

Den nyeste generation afmovere fra Reich hedder Easydriver Pro (automatisk) og Easydriver Basic (manuel).
5 års garanti på alle Reich Easydriver movere!