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VWT5 lR Trio Style Möbelzeile Rechtslenker Fertigteil Decor Apfel

Right hand drive.

VWT5 lR Trio Style Möbelzeile Rechtslenker Fertigteil Decor Apfel
  • Artikelnummer: 18051R

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  • Furniture Row Trio Style. Prefabricated. Narrow furniture kit with end-to-end front section. It has a large wardrobe with sliding door, linen shelf and storage space for 2 x 5 kg gas bottles. Kitchen unit with 2 drawers offers comfortable space for provisions and equipment. Cooker and sink (on option) with glass cover fit perfectly to the slate-coloured worktop. The 39 litre compressor-fridge (on option) guarantees for fresh drinks and food any time. Furniture row in Apple-Tree-Design comes pre-mounted (cooker, sink, refrigerator and technical equipment not included. Installation into your vehicle to be quoted by your local dealer) Long wheel base VW T5.

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