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Solar panel 130W for pop top roofs

Order with your pop top roof and have it installed together!

Solar panel 130W for pop top roofs
  • Product number: 1SW21

    • Small inconspicuous solar module
    • Fits on all Reimo pitched roofs (sleeping roofs) except Caddy
    • Flexible design
    • Controller included
    • Built in from the ground up
  • Availability
    This item is custom made for you. Delivery time approx 4 weeks

  • number

  • 1,022.55 €
  • incl. VAT, plus shipping and handling charges
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  • Ideal for your Reimo pop top roof! The vehicle height will not be increased with this 3 mm thick solar module. Its special honeycomb structure decreases the heat from building up through direct sunlight. Even if the angle to the sun is not optimal energy will be generated.

  • Scope of Delivery: 130W, charge controller PRS300
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