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Trafic, Vivaro, Primastar high top roof Ergoline, until 06/2014

Classic, smooth roof shape with great aerodynamic

Trafic, Vivaro, Primastar high top roof Ergoline, until 06/2014
  • Product number: 28040

    • More headroom
    • Just walk upright backwards in the bus
    • Much greater sense of space
    • More light through optional windows on the roof sides
    • Bed installation in the roof does not make sense
    • Mounting frame with cab cutout
      Art.: 280482 please also order!
  • Availability
    This item is custom made for you. Delivery time approx 12 weeks

  • number

  • 1,509.95 €
  • incl. VAT, plus shipping and handling charges
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  • Renault Trafic high top roof Ergoline - classic, smooth roof shape with great aerodynamic. Glass fiber reinforced, surface colored in white (RAL 9002). The high top roof is glued to the roof. High top bed not recommended. Height of roofshell appr. 63 cm, increase of vehicle height appr. 60 cm, headroom appr. 185 cm.

    Technical report available, only valid with matching GFK strengthening frame.

    Please contact us before ordering to ensure transportation can be guaranteed.

  • Pack Size
    Pack Size:
    Roof dimensions appr. 297 x 153 x 60 cm
  • weight
    appr. 45 kg
  • Dimensions
    Vehicle height increase: approx. 60 cm. Standing height with high roof: Interior height approx. 53.5 cm.

  • Scope of Delivery: High top roof (mounting material not included).
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