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Sikaflex 252 i, special glue, white, 300ml

Sika 252i, white, 300ml

Sikaflex 252 i, special glue, white, 300ml
  • Product number: 294122

    • Sikaflex 252i fast setting time and high final strength
    • Sika 252 for bonding e.g. high roofs
    • Sikaflex the adhesive and sealing compound for motorhomes and motorhomes
    • Sikaflex 252 is also suitable for caravans
    • Sika 252i is odeal for high roof mounting on vehicles
    • Sika is also the ideal helper for camper vans
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  • Grundpreis / 1 Liter 69,53 €
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  • Sikaflex 252 is an all-round, stable polyurethane sealing compound which is approved at the automobile industry since many years. In combination with humidity it cures very quickly into a so called elastomer. Application areas: Sika Flex has a very wide adhesion spectrum. It is suitable for permanent, elastic, very adhesive and it is perfect for the mounting of high roofs. Thereby Sika will be used as adhesive as well as sealant. It will be used for the following subfonts: metals, wood, lacquerings and primers (2-K-base), plastics and ceramics. Advantages and product features: grindable overpaintable 1-component not corrosive elastic odourless free of silicone wide adhesive spectrum food legally approved (NSF + accordance with the consumer goods act 2002/72/EG) Available in the colours white and black

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