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OmniSat Twister

Bargain price with manually alignment

OmniSat Twister
OmniSat Twister
OmniSat Twister
OmniSat Twister
OmniSat Twister
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  • Fits also with roof systems like e.g. air conditions, roof windows etc.…OmniSat Twister can be placed everywhere. Newly designed satellite mirror (W: 80, H: 66 cm), which supplies perfectly TV pictures even at the edge of the illuminating zones. The adjustment of the OmniSat Twisters is very easy, with the compass scale fixed inside of the caravan the direction (azimut) of the desired satellite is determined within seconds. With the help of the fixed indicator at the crank, the inclination (elevation) will be adjusted. The OmniSat Twister is suitable for each roof size and can be operated with every receiver.

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    9 kg
  • Dimensions
    Mirror size 65 cm

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