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Carbest AGM battery 80Ah 350x167x179mm

Carbest AGM battery 80Ah 350x167x179mm
  • Product number: 850529

    • Installation in the living area according to EC regulations possible
    • Maintenance-free and environmentally friendly
    • Installation independent of position
    • High cycle stability, also ideal for solar systems
    • 24 months warranty
    • Shipping possible, as no dangerous goods
  • Availability
    immediately available

  • number

  • 219.99 €
  • incl. VAT, plus shipping and handling charges
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  • The ideal service battery for the operation in motorhomes and boats. The 100 T5 fits optimally lying beneath the co driver's seat at the VW T5. The very good cycle stability (the durability of a battery will be measured in charging cycles) and the low discharge are perfect for the leisure sector. Due to the compact dimensions it fits into common devices and storage compartments. AGM batteries are frost-resistant up to - 40°C. The insertion can be made any position i.e. even lying on the side or upright (insertion not overhead, with the battery poles downwards). Type 80 PL 12Volt, 90 Ah

  • weight
    22,5 kg
  • Dimensions
    (L x w x h) 350 x 167 x 179 mm

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