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Rear tent INSTANT for VW T4/5/6

Instant - Quick mounting tent without frame

Rear tent INSTANT for VW T4/5/6
Rear tent INSTANT for VW T4/5/6
Rear tent INSTANT for VW T4/5/6
  • Product number: 93790

    • No linkage required
    • Small weight - only 2.4 kg
    • Simple construction
    • Changing room by the lake
    • Shower tent at the rear
    • For VW T4/5/6 with tailgate
  • Availability
    immediately available

  • number

  • 136.37 €
  • incl. VAT, plus shipping and handling charges
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  • No frame, less packsize and easy mounting make the rear tent Instant to the perfect choice of all van drivers.
    100% pu-coated ripstop-polyester 190D, uv-coated, flame retardant, sealed seams.
    L 135 x W 170/112 x H 195cm.
    Weight approx 2,4kg
    In order to fix the tailgate tent to the vehicle, the screw-in parts of the snap fasteners (Article 56230) are required. To separate the tent from the vehicle we recommend the privacy screen/shower curtain, which is simply attached over the tailgate with a strap (Aricle 936287).

  • weight
    approx. 2,4 kg
  • Dimensions
    170/115 x 130 x 193 cm

  • Scope of Delivery: 1 rear tent

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Das Zelt ist super geeignet, um spontan und einfach den zur Verfügung stehenden Raum beim Camping zu erweitern.\nFür die Anbringung der Halterung am Fahrzeug wäre eine Anleitung hilfreich.   (01.06.2020) 0620232
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