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Camping Cool Box, Electric Cool Box, Cooler Bag, Picnic Cooler Bag

Camping Cool Box, Electric Cool Box, Cooler Bag, Picnic Cooler Bag

Buy a camping cool box, cooler bag or electric cooler here, in the Reimo Camping Shop!

We have a large selection of camping cool boxes in various categories for you to browse and shop.

The Cooler Bag often used and often needed - almost everyone had or still has a coller bag in use. Equipped with many thermal packs, your cooler bag or passive cool box can keep things cold for a long time. Whether for a day at the beach or for the transportation of groceries. Everything stays cooled for a longer period of time.
The passive cool boxes are a great and low-priced alternative for short ways or hot days. The insulation of these passive cool boxes or cooler bags has become so good by now, that the cold can often kept for many hours.

The Thermoelectric Cooler or Electric Cooler
is a low-cost option. For little money you get a small but fine thermoelectric cool box. Actively cooled using Peltier technology. A fan cools by a power-heat element. The whole technology, the Peltier Element of the thermoelectric cool box is inside the lid. The peltier, thermoelectric or electric cool box can be operated upright as well as lying down. On our category overview, we further describe the different cooling options and heating options for you!

Kepping groceries and drinks cold

There is many variants on the way how to keep things cold that is why we have arranged all camping coolers into different categories for a better overview. On the bottom of the category overview, you will get further descriptions about each camping cool box option.

You need more cooling power?

You want something different? You need an electric or in addition with gas connection?

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Click through our range and find the cool box of your choice!


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