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Camping Cooler Box, Camping Cooler Bag, Thermo Electric Cooler Box

Camping Cooler Box, Camping Cooler Bag, Thermo Electric Cooler Box

Affordable camping cooler boxes, camping cooler bags or thermo electric cooler boxes

Buy a camping cooler box or camping cooler bag here, in the Reimo Camping Shop!We have a large selection of camping cooler boxes in various categories for you to browse and shop.

The camping cooler bag

The camping cooler bag often used and often needed - almost everyone had or still has a camping cooler bag in use. Equipped with many thermal packs, your camping cooler bag can keep things cold for a long time. Whether for a day at the beach or for the transportation of groceries. Everything stays cooled for a longer period of time.
The camping cooler bags are a great and low-priced alternative for short ways or hot days. The insulation of the camping cooler bag has become so good by now, that the cold can often kept for many hours.

Camping cooler box: The thermo electric cooler box

The thermo electric cooler box is a low-cost option. For little money you get a small but fine thermoelectric cooler box. Actively cooled using Peltier technology. A fan cools by a power-heat element. The whole technology, the Peltier element of the thermoelectric cooler box is inside the lid. This camping cooler box can be operated upright as well as lying down.

Scroll down for more details about the camping cooler box, camping cooler bag or thermo electric cooler box!

Keep foods and drinks cold in your camping cooler box

Camping cool boxes are available in many variants. Therefore, there are many different opinions about which one to get. That is why we have arranged all camping cooler boxes into different categories for a better overview.
Click here for the various camping cool boxes:

Brwose through and find the cooler box of your choice here!

The camping cooler bag

The cooler bag is the most used version of the camping cooler box. In a camping cooler bag, your food stays cool for a while. The passive way of cooling in a camping cooler bag or is ideal for short trips, shopping and a day at the lake. The low cost and the sometimes long-lasting insulation performance make these camping cooler bags indispensable for years . A good camping cooler bag is indispensable in any household. The camping cooler bags warm up over time. There is only three options, consume the contents quickly, move to the next refrigerator, or enjoy the content warm.

The trick: Open the cooler bag a little bit, good insulation, a shady place and many thermal packs or cooler packs. Then your camping cooler bag works efficiently even on hot days

Thermo electric cooler box

The entire cooling system of the Peltier cool box 12V-230V is normally installed in the lid. The thermo electric cooler box or Peltier cooler box are far common. A low price and easy handling is the main purchase criteria here.

Did that also invent Peltier?

Exactly! Thermo electric cooler boxes 12V-230V are named after the Peltier effect. Jean Peltier (1785-1845) discovered that when the current flows, a temperature difference arises. This happens in one direction and reversal in the other direction. This means that this system is basically suitable for heating and cooling.

How does thermoelectrics work?

The thermoelectric works as follows: If we cool the heating side of the Peltier element with a fan, we support the cooling side. As a result, we produce more cold for the cold chamber. Peltier coolers always consist of a cooling element and a heating element for the heating side in the direction of the cool boxes. The cooling result is lower, the more heat hits the heating side.

Thermoelectric coolers may be operated lying or standing with sufficient ventilation. For you, these thermo electric cooler boxes are a cheap alternative with active cooling capacity and a comparably large cold room. Unfortunately, a thermo electric cooler box has an unstable and uncontrollable cooling performance.

Peltier coolers have no temperature control and are heavily dependent on the outside temperature. This means that the thermo electric cooler boxes run continuously at full power. This effort is reflected in the power consumption and the constant fan noise. Despite these minor shortcomings Peltier coolers are an absolute buy recommendation.

Camping cooler box - Video

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