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Truma Heater - Truma Gas Heater - Truma Caravan Heater - iNet Box

Truma Heater - Truma Gas Heater - Truma Caravan Heater - iNet Box

Whether Combi, Trumatic, Varioheat or CP plus - Here you will find almost everything about heat for caravans and motorhomes

Truma heaters have been known and tested for decades as motorhome heaters, caravan heaters and Trumatic heaters. In 1961, the company developed the "first officially recognized Truma caravan heater", as stated on the Truma website. The caravan life became much more comfortable with the Truma gas heater because since then winter camping was finally possible.
The high quality of Truma products is widely recognized, and the company is regularly voted best accessory brand of the year by the trade press.
Truma has succeeded in getting a new "wrap around" with the introduction of the iNet Box. With this box, all iNet-enabled Truma devices can be connected to your smartphone. With the TrumaApp you get all the important data about your moobile home in real time and you can also (with SIM Card) control e.g. the air conditioning from far away.
Almost all Truma heaters are hot air heaters. The interior of your motorhome or caravan is heated by hot air in a short time. There is the right Truma heater for every type of caravaning:

For small caravans: Trumatic S 2200. This one may not be installed in a motorhome or campervan.
For campervans and small motorhomes: Truma VarioHeat. It can be flexibly installed due to the small dimensions.
Für large campervans and large motorhomes: Trumatic S 5004
The alternative for extremely cold areas: Alde Hot Water Heater