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Camping Fridge, 12V Fridge, 12V Camping Fridge, Portable Camping Fridge, Caravan Fridge, Motorhome Fridge

Camping Fridge, 12V Fridge, 12V Camping Fridge, Portable Camping Fridge, Caravan Fridge, Motorhome Fridge

Buy here a camping fridge with 12V, 230V or gas

Whether gas camping fridge, absorption fridge or 12V fridge, you will find the right portable camping fridge right here!
The most frequently installed caravan fridge and motorhome fridge, is the absorption fridge. This camping fridge can normally be operated with gas, but also with 12V and 230V. The temperature-stable 12V compressor fridge is also very popular.
Have a look at the following categories of our camping shop, to find camping fridges from different manufacturers in many different sizes and technical versions:

The camping fridge or 12V fridge is available for caravans, campervans, trucks, awnings/tents and motorhomes in many different designs. You can choose - as for the fridge at home - whether you prefer an integrated fridge compartment or a separate freezer compartment.

Find more information about the camping fridge, caravan fridge or motorhome fridge below!

How does a gas camping fridge/absorption fridge works?

The gas camping fridge also known as absorption fridge works with (unless otherwise stated) 12V, 230V or gas. Find more details about the absorption technology in the explanation at Wikipedia.
The absorption fridge is powered by the onboard battery while driving and cools your food and drinks with 12V. If you have parked at the campsite and your motorhome or caravan is connected to the 230V shore power, it can cool your absorption fridge with 230V. So, this camping fridge does not use any resources from your caravan or motorhome. If you stay at a campsite without shore power, simply switch to gas operation. Then the absorption fridge works without any power, this rests your on board battery. The current absorption, gas or camping fridges are automatic. This automatic system changes the energy supply when driving after stopping or with shore power. We would recommend to keep the automatic system on the absorption fridge to avoid bad surprises.

How does the gas camping fridge/absorption fridge reacts to heat?

The camping fridge with absorption technology does not react very well to heat. The cooling power is depending on the temperature outside. This means, cooling with an absorption fridge gets a little bit more problematic at 30-35 degrees Celsius. The ammonia mixture, which is contained in the gas camping fridge cannot take high temperatures very well. Absorption or gas refrigerators must be ventilated due to the gas flame and the resulting exhaust gases. This is done by ventilation grilles on the outer wall of your motorhome or caravan. If it is really hot, you should support your absorption fridge with a refrigerator fan. You can switch them on manually, many of these fans, such as the Refrigerator Double Fan Tornado, have a regulator and an automatic system to turn on and off.

Isn't there also compressor fridges for campervans, caravans and motorhomes?

Yes, there is! And compressor fridges 12V or/and 24V cool just like your refrigerator at home! The camping fridge with compressor operation cools independently from the temperature outside. By constantly switching the compressor on and off, the cold inside the camping refrigerator is kept constant. With a 24V and/or 12V compressor fridge you can cool things down to freezing. If you value ice cold things, the compressor fridge is the perfect camping fridge with freezer component for you! The compressor camping fridge is operated via the on-board battery of your motorhome or van. Some 12V refrigerators with compressor can also be used with 230V, please refer to the respective prodzutc description.

What does an absorption or 12v compressor fridge consumes?

Absorption and 12v compressor fridges cool with different techniques. Here a comparison: The Dometic RC 10.4 12V compressor fridge with 90l needs 42W at 12V and 58W at 24V , the Dometic fridge RM 8401 2,6kWh. That is about 91 watts compared to the 42 watts of the compressor. However, this is the only cut-set if you keep in mind that you usually use the 12V absorber only while driving. Gas consumption is 24h for the N3090 270g.

What manufacturers are there?

You can buy the following here in our online shop:
  • Carbest compressor fridge for camper and vans

  • Engel 12 V fridge for small and limited spaces

  • Dometic fridge in a large selection

  • Thetford fridge with compressor or absorption technique

  • Webasto fridge with compressor technique

Caravan fridge, motorhome fridge with solar, 12v battery or power connection

Operating the camping fridge with solar, is always a good idea! With solar power, you have a self sufficient power source and you are independent of any power connection and the limited recources of 12V battery and gas. You can operate your 12v fridge with the caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels

Absorption vs. compressor

Absorption vs. compressor - neither of them wins. Both of them have their strengths and weaknesses. Actually, the only thing that counts is which of the refrigerators can be installed in your vehicle. Because the space is limited, measure it thoroughly. It is also important in which direction the door of your camping fridge opens or has to. In many modern 12v fridges the - is now interchangeable. Also refer to the respective door stop please the item description of your camper or caravan refrigerator.

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