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Car Cool Box, Carbest Cool Box, Electric Cooler Box for Car

Car Cool Box, Carbest Cool Box, Electric Cooler Box for Car

A car cool box doesn't have to be expensive!

Whether a car cool box by Engel or the Carbest cool box - we are offering you here low-priced but powerful and high-quality car cool boxes. For example, the Carbest cool box with absorber technology cools with gas or electricity, the compressor variant stands for temperature stability.
Reimo has been producing its own car cool boxes under the name of Carbest since 2016. These car cool boxes come in the heavy-duty version. They are low priced and powerful. The small electric cooler box for car is perfect for mobile as well as stationary use. Whether for camping, party room or "only" in the vehicle they offer you the highest quality for a good price.

Please scroll down for further information about the car cool box, electric cooler box for car!

Carbest offers you different variants of a low-priced and powerful car cool box for VW Multivan, Ducato and many other vehicles!

Reimo produces a car cool box by its own brand Carbest , the Carbest cool box is manufactured in good, high-performance quality and are a bit lower priced than the well-known brands. By the way, we test our Carbest cool boxes and other Carbest devices in our own use. As a result, we quickly discover any mistakes or defects, can implement clever ideas directly and improve our products.
For example, there is a drain in Carbest cool boxes. So if there is e.g. some spilled fruit juice, you can simply rinse out the Carbest cool box.
The car cool box by Carbest impresses with good quality at a low price.

Carbest MaxiFreezer 40 was tested!

The Reisemobil International has tested our 40l car cool box in their 7/2018 issue. In the short accessory test "Tested on Tour" the testers were impressed by the quiet compressor blower and the removable lid which can be opened in on both sides.
Optionally available for every Carbest cool box:
The practical thermal protection bag for your car cool box:

  • protects your car cool box in the vehicle
  • no scratches while driving
  • protects against large temperature fluctuations
On this page you will find car cool boxes for Fiat Ducato, VW van and other vehicles.

Find here other car cool boxes and camping cool boxes:

Car cool box by Engel - compact design and great performance

Engel cool boxes have only shortly been available in the Reimo Online Shop. Engel cool boxes stand out due to their great performance in the smallest of spaces. We are pleased that the Engel cool boxes have now become part of the Reimo product range

Car cool box - Video