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3 Way Cool Box: Absorption Coolbox, Gas Coolbox

3 Way Cool Box: Absorption Coolbox, Gas Coolbox

Mobile gas cool boxes, 12 and 230V. Enjoy maximum flexibility at the campsite!

Absorption coolbox works in 3-way operation = 3 way cool box

The 3 way cool boxes whether Dometic, Waeco or Carbest can be operated in the full equipment mostly with gas, 12V and 230V. Therefore absorption coolboxes are ideal for holidays with a tent and for the weekend at the lake.
3 way cool boxes are mobile and so a gas cool box in the tent keeps your food and drinks pleasantly cool up to an outside temperature of about 30°C. 3 way cool boxes work almost noiselessly and in 230V operation, most gas-electric cool boxes have a very satisfactory cooling performance. Even the 12-volt operation is smooth, so the gas cooler can be used throughout the ride. For example, the CombiCool ACX 40G is equipped with a connection option for gas cartridge . Please pay attention to good ventilation when setting up your new absorber cool box. The heated air in the gas cool box must always be able to drain well to maintain good cooling performance.
Absorption coolboxes, however, are dependent on the outside temperature. We tried to explain the exact functioning of an absorption coolbox in the cool boxes overview.

Also in the range: The 3 way cool box by Carbest for this in-house production, we can offer you a good gas-electric cool box for an adequate price. Here you will find the right gas regulator for the absorption cool box & gas grill!

Not the right cool box? Here are the coolbox categories:

What is the difference between absorption and compressor?

We will gladly explain the different models on our Overview Cool Boxes

Please note:
The offered gas coolers with 30mb may in Germany, Switzerland and Austria only directly be connected to the gas outlet
For connection directly to the bottle (in D / A / CH) only the gas operating pressure of 50mb is allowed.


Cool Box Gas and Electric - the video