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3 Way Cool Box, Absorption Cool Box

3 Way Cool Box, Absorption Cool Box

Be the most fleixble with the 3 way cool box, absorption cool box!

The 3 way cool box, whether Dometic, Waeco or Carbest, can be operated mostly with gas, 12v and 230v. Therefore an absorption cool box is ideal for holidays with a tent and for the weekend at the lake.
The 3 way cool box is portable and is therefore ideal for your camping holiday to keep your food and drinks pleasantly cool even with an outside temperature of up to 30°C. An absorption cool box works almost noiselessly and in 230v operation, most 3 way cool boxes have a very satisfying cooling performance. Even the 12-volt operation is smooth, so the gas cool box can be used throughout the ride. For example, the CombiCool ACX 40G is equipped with a connection option for gas cartridge . Please pay attention to good ventilation when setting up your new absorption cool box. The heated air in the 3 way cool box must always be able to drain well to maintain good cooling performance.

Please note:
The offered absorption cool boxes with 30mb in Germany, Switzerland and Austria may only be connected directly to the gas socket.
For connection directly to the bottle (in D / A / CH) only the gas operating pressure of 50mb is allowed.

Please scroll further down for more details about the 3 way cool box, absorption cool box!

3 way cool box

3 way cool boxes are quite cheap to buy. Especially the 3 way cool box byCarbest is to be mentioned here, with our own production we can offer you a good 3 way cool box at an adequate price.
Here you will find matching absorption- & gas grill pressure control!

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Absorption cool box

An absorption cool box can run on electricity or gas. Absorption cool boxes, work with liquefaction and evaporation of refrigerant. The absorption cool box consists of expeller, dehumidifier, condenser, evaporator, absorber, heat exchanger for the inert gas and heat exchanger for the solvent. Absorption cool boxes contain solvent, refrigerant and auxiliary gas through three different circuits. The operation works similar to the compressor, with thermal drive.

How does a 3 way cool box, absorption cool box work?

With the 3 way cool box with 12v, 230v and gas operation we work with heat and cold. Heat water (solvent) mixed with ammonia in the expeller until ammonia vapor is generated. The dehumidifier separates the ammonia vapor from the remaining water. The steam gives off its heat in the condenser to the heating water. The passage of a throttle causes the gas to liquefy. Once in the evaporator, the refrigerant becomes gaseous by absorbing air and water from the environment.

If you release the liquid gas in your absorption cool box, it will quickly return to its original gaseous state, which will generate the necessary refrigeration, and in a separate circuit, the solvent (water) will continue to run and reach the absorber her liaison into a new one and the cycle starts from new. The 3 way cool box has a medium cooling capacity and a complicated construction. These 3 way cool boxes are able to operate depending on location. You are only allowed to operate this type of car cool box in a standing position. The cooling capacity of the absorption cool box is dependent on the outside temperature, as with the Peltier coolers. Therefore, power ratings are only given as a function of the ambient temperature.

What is so great about the 3 way cool box?
Absorption cool boxes are virtually maintenance free. There are not really any mechanical parts. The components are simple and run almost noiseless. You can use an absorption cool box with gas or electricity. This gives you maximum flexibility at your holiday destination, and free standing is no problem for the absorption cool box.

3 way cool box, absorption cool box - Video