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Truma Air Conditioner, Truma Caravan Air Conditioning

Truma Air Conditioner, Truma Caravan Air Conditioning

Truma air conditioner: Truma Saphir, Truma Aventa, Truma Saphir Compact, Truma Saphir Comfort

Truma air conditioners such as the Aventa or the Saphir are among the most well known air conditioners for caravans and motorhomes..
For some years now, the Truma air conditioner is only allowed to be installed by , which guarantees a stable price-performance ratio and installation by a trained specialist.
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iNet Ready - Control the temperature with a smartphone

The new Truma air conditioner is iNet-Ready , which means it can be integrated into the Truma iNet system and can be operated by smartphones or the Truma CP plus < /strong>.

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Truma Saphir - Truma air conditioner, box

The Truma Saphir air conditioners are very lightweight air conditioning devices designed to be installed in the storage space of caravans and motorhomes.
All Truma Saphir models have a pollen filter as standard. The Truma air conditioner Saphir Comfort RC not only cools but also heats in heat pump mode up to 1700 W. The Saphir Vario is only 20 cm high and can be operated with both 12V and 230V. With a 1000W inverter, the Saphir Vario can also be operated while driving. All Truma air conditioners from the Saphir range are optimized for the lowest possible power consumption and low noise.

Truma Aventa - Truma air conditioner, roof

The Truma air conditioner Aventa is a classic roof air conditioning system, which is used in the roof cutout 400 x 400 mm. It is therefore particularly easy to install. Attention: The outer dimensions are of course much larger than 40x40 cm! Therefore, check on your vehicle roof whether there is enough free roof space for your Truma air conditioner. The Truma Aventa is available in the comfort , compact and compact plus ranges.

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