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Truma Water Heater: Caravan Water Heater, Truma Caravan Water Heater

Truma Water Heater: Caravan Water Heater, Truma Caravan Water Heater

Truma Therme, Truma Therme Water Heater: Hot water in your caravan

Buy here the well-known and popular Truma Therme, Truma Therme water heater! The functionality of your Truma Therme is as simple as it is ingenious. Specially developed for use in caravans, the Truma water heater has become a classic hot water vehicle for caravans. The Truma Therme water heater TT2 uses mostly existing heat. The 5 liter capacity of the Truma Therme TT2 should be sufficient for the morning laundry or washing up.

Truma caravan water heater, Caravan water heater

The Truma caravan water heater works much like a boiler. In the case of the Truma Therme, the warm air hose from your caravan heater runs through the hot water tank. Heat your caravan while getting warm water in your Truma caravan water heater. If you are not heating your caravan at the moment, the water in the Truma Therme can be heated via a heating rod with 230V / 300W. The Truma Therme, Truma water heater can be installed very space-saving and is well suited for water systems with submersible pumps (max 1.2 bar). The installation of the caravan water heater should be done in close proximity to the caravan heating.

Attention: Please empty your Truma Therme water heater at minus temperatures! The water in the TT2 container expands when frozen and the container of the TT2 can burst!