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Elgena Boiler, Elgena Hot Water, Elgena Water Heater

Elgena Boiler, Elgena Hot Water, Elgena Water Heater

Elgena hot water, Elgena boiler - hot water in the smallest spaces

Nautic Compact, Kb3, Elgena carries a wide range of small boilers and water heaters for campervans, caravans and motorhomes. There is a variety of Elgena boilers in 230V, 12V and 24V to buy . All Elgena water heaters are designed for installation in a small space and with low power protection. The abbreviation "KB" at Elgena stands for small boilers with low pressure (submersible pump or low-pressure fitting), the number behind it indicates the content of the Elgena boiler. The term "Kombi" stands for the optional use with 12V or 230V.

Nautic Boiler for boats

For boats and pressurized water systems, there is the Nautic series (6 to 50 liters) with high-quality V4 A stainless steel containers.
A special treat is the ME models. These Elgena boilers are additionally equipped with a heat exchanger in addition to 230V and can thus be connected to the cooling water circuit of the motor.

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