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Solar Panel Kits, 12V Solar Panel Kit, Campervan Solar Panel Kits, Caravan Solar Panel Kits, Motorhome Solar Panel Kits

Solar Panel Kits, 12V Solar Panel Kit: Campervan Solar Panel Kits, Caravan Solar Panel Kits, Motorhome Solar Panel Kits

12V solar panel kit, solar panel kits

The 12v solar panel kit provides your campervan, motorhome and caravan with self-sufficient power outside of the common places. The here offered solar panel kits mostly include the solar panel, solar charge controller, cable and installation parts. All components are well matched and with the right solar battery they provide a stable power supply at your destination (depending on the sunlight).
Please klick here to find out more about solar energy in your campervan, caravan or motorhome: Reimo Conversion Tips & Tricks: Solar panels for motorhomes, solar panels for caravans.

Solar panel kits by Carbest - low-priced and long-lasting solar panel kits!

Get a reasonable-priced 12v solar panel kit, of course here at Reimo! Our own brand Carbest has been offering high-class and competitive caravan solar panel kits, motorhome solar panel kits and campervan solar panel kits for so many years. We are pleased to give you a 3-year guarantee on the solar panel kits by Carbest. Some of the solar panel kits in our range come with a 25-year guarantee. We promise you that the 12v solar panel kit by Carbest is going to work 80% of the stated power even after 25 years!

Please scroll down for further details and information about solar panel kits: caravan solar panel kits, campervan solar panel kits and motohome solar panel kits!

Solar Panel Kits – The 12v solar panel kit is a carefree-package

Caravan solar panel kits, motorhome solar panel kits, campervan solar panel kits, flexible solar panel kits, solar power kits for shed - CARBEST

Solar panel kits by Carbest either with flexible solar panels or rigid solar panels impress with reasonable prices and premium-quality scope of delivery.
The 12v solar panel kit (Carbest) is characterized by:
  • 12v solar panel equipped with highly efficient monocrystalline cells
  • Classy and aerodynamic aluminium spoiler
  • Removable and exchangeable solar panel
  • High-quality and very well insulated (against heating) solar cable
  • German solar charge controller with connection to the EBL by Schaudt
  • 25-year performance guarantee for the panel (still 80% performance after 25 years)

The flexible solar panel kits (Carbest) feature:
  • Solar panels with a top layer of stable ETFE
  • Flexible and pliable mounting plate - white TPT or black fibreglass
  • Powerful SUNPOWER solar cells
  • High-quality MPPT charge controller
  • Waterproof connection boxes
  • A high-quality and very well insulated (against heating) solar cable

Stay self-sufficient with our 12v solar panel kit

A 12v solar panel kit is probably the most important equipment for self-sufficient camping. We are offering you a wide range of the high-class solar panel kit to attractive prices. Our 12v solar panel kit is easy to install and it is quite simple to incorporate into the board power system. Find here the caravan solar panel kits, motorhome solar panel kits or campervan solar panel kits adapted to your needs.
This is a brief rating of the required size:
  • up to 80 watts: light, pump, heater
  • up to 120 watts: light, pump, heater, TV/Sat, smartphone
  • up to 160 watts: light, pump, heater, TV/Sat, smartphone - tablet or possibly refrigerator
  • 220 watts and more: light, pump, heater, TV/Sat, radio, refrigerator, laptop
Find the suitable solar battery for your 12v solar panel kit! When you buy a solar battery you should keep an eye on the power you need and the power you gain. Because you want to be able to save what you have gained and use as much as possible. As solar batteries, there is several possibilities. Recommendable are the AGM batteries, gel batteries or you choose for the optimal usibility the lithium battery. We do our best to answer all questions about several solar battery types in Reimo Conversion Tips & Tricks: Battery

What does Wp (watt peak) means in matters of caravan solar panel kits, motorhome solar panel kits and campervan solar panel kits?

Usually the size of a 12v solar panel is indicated with Wp as shortcut. But what does it exactly say about the 12v solar panel?
Wp is the estimated power peak under standardised conditions of the solar power system of a motorhome, campervan or caravan.
These standard conditions consist of:
  • the solar irradiation: approx. 1000W/m²
  • average temperature of 25°C (solar panel)
  • airmass
The airmass is the measure of how long the way of light requires to get to the Earth from a celestial body through the atmosphere.
Let us try to explain the above read based on the German weather:
With a 100 Wp solar panel it is possible to gain two-thirds of the energy in the summer, 166-280 kWh power per hour. In winter it is way less and that is how it is put into perspective. The 100 Wp 12V solar power system produces 60-100 kWh energy on average per year. This means the highest reachable average power (the peak) of the 12v solar panel is 100 Wp.

Connecting 12v photovoltaics to caravans, motorhomes and campervans

How to connect 12v photovoltaics to campervans, motorhomes and caravans right:
You can download a circuit diagram for the connection of a solar module here. This should help you with the correct installation of your 12v solar panel kit.

Who sets up the solar panel kits for me?

In case you need help setting up your caravan solar panel kits, campervan solar panel kits or motorhome solar panel kits - do not worry! Our Reimo-Specialty Retailers are happy to take care of the expert consultation, the sale and the installation of your solar panel kits. You are also welcome to visit our workshop in Egelsbach for more help and support.

The 12v solar panel kit by Carbest - very good and low-priced

Since 2000, Reimo has been producing a series of high-quality technical products for the camping sector under the name of Carbest. No matter if you are looking for solar panels, solar panel kits, solar charge controller, accessories or cooling boxes, in the Carbest range you will find state-of-the-art technology- and accessory products.
Carbest products, including the solar panel kits feature:
  • the attractive price-performance ratio
  • the development by professionals, tested and proven
  • the high-quality processing
  • guaranteed reliability
  • 3-years of guarantee on all the Carbest products
Carbest solar panel kits, caravan solar panel kits, motorhome solar panel kits and campervan solar panel kits are imported directly from our specialised workshops. So no in-between distributor is needed or involved. Thereby a high quality to a low-price can be achieved for you.

How to install and how to set up a 12v solar panel kit

It does not actually matter if it is solar panels for caravans, solar panels for motorhomes or solar panels for campervans. Solar panels for motorhomes, solar panels for caravans and solar panels for campervans are basically constructed the same. Before you start, look at the area where you want to attach your 12v solar panel to. Maybe there is not much space or your vehicle's roof is not quite straight? There is flexible solar panels in different sizes for different structural features.

So-called solar power system in a complete and carefree-package

Solar panel kits offer the advantage that the individual components such as solar charge controller, solar module attachment and the cables are coordinated. For our complete solar panel kits, we usually use solar charge controllers that are well suited for connection to the Schaudt electric block. This covers the installation situations in most German motorhomes. Included in the Solar Panel Kits (unless otherwise stated):
  • Solar Panel
  • Mounting brackets - if needed
  • Solar Cable
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Roof Outlet

Carbest Solar - very good performance for a great price!

Solar Kit, complete, Solar power system motorhome

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