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12v Solar Panels, Caravan Solar Panels, Motorhome Solar Panels, Campervan Solar Panels

12v Solar Panels, Caravan Solar Panels, Motorhome Solar Panels, Campervan Solar Panels

12v solar panel - gain free electricity from our caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels and campervan solar panels

On this page you will find the latest 12v solar panel generations as well as the established and proven 12v solar panels. Caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels as well as campervan solar panels are characterized by high efficiency, high stability and high-quality workmanship. The 12v solar panel is framed in aluminium and has a glass-like cover to protect the monocrystalline cells.

You do not have a holder on your roof or would like to have complete component parts as a kit? Have a look at our flexible solar panels and 12v solar panel kits!

Scroll down for more information about the 12v solar panels, caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels and campervan solar panels!

Caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels, campervan solar panels - affordable self-sufficient power supply

The advantages of the 12v solar panel:
  • Get free solar energy for electricity in your motorhome, caravan, campervan, garden shed or boat
  • Power supply in motorhome and caravan at any time, regardless of outlets/sockets
  • Be mobile without worrying about electricity
  • Silent and low-maintenance power generation with a rigid solar module, solar battery and solar controller
  • Environmentally friendly power generation and power supply

12v solar panels for mobile holidays provide electrical comfort on near-natural pitches

Do you prefer a near to nature vacation in your motorhome, caravan, camper or boat? Then you should get a resource-saving variant of power supply. Caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels and campervan solar panels are very popular. From a daily total power consumption of 100 watts, it is worth to get your electricity from 12v solar panels. The 12v solar panel is simply integrated into the existing electrical system and produces energy even in partial shade.
However, the motorhome places particularly high demands on the components of a solar system.
  • The module junction boxes of the 12v solar panels should be watertight at ride wind.
  • The aluminium frame construction must withstand twisting and buoyant forces.
  • The solder joints must not be damaged by vibrations.
Important for caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels as well as campervan solar panels is a low construction height. So we also offer flexible solar panels which can directly be glued on the roof.

80W, 100W, 120W - Couple 12v solar panels for adequate performance

To expand 80W, 100W, 120W solar modules individually is actually no problem. Combine two 12v solar panels with 100W for a 200W solar panel. Of course, it is preferable to connect an identical 12v solar panel. But in case they are different, not identical, visit our brief advice: Important is the open circuit voltage, if this open circuit voltage is almost the same for both 12v solar panels then it should not be a problem to connect them. The 12v solar panel can be operated with a solar charge controller, MPPT charge controller. However, the components of your solar power system should be adapted to the 12v solar panel with the higher current flow. However, if the solar cells for your motorhome are too different, you will need to connect your solar charge controller to the solar battery. The power that is required for the power supply in the motorhome, caravan or campervan depends on the travel behavior and your connected devices. Several criteria should be kept in mind when purchasing your caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels or campervan solar panels:
  • Travel destination
  • Date of travel
  • Period/duration of travel
  • Frequency of use (seasonal or year-round)
  • Power consumption of permanently operated energy devices
An approximately estimation of the needed energy can be found here Reimo Conversion - Motorhome Solar and Caravan Solar Panels. Motorhome solar panels, caravan solar panels and campervan solar panels are available with different performances, which are indicated in Wpeak (Wp). Wpeak indicates the performance of the 12v solar panel under the standard conditions of 1000 watts/m² solar irradiation and the solar cell temperature of about 25°C (Celsius). These are ideal conditions, which are very rare because usually the actual solar energy is less. It really depends on the position of the sun, the orientation and the inclination of the 12v solar panel and possible shadowing due to area conditions or cloud cover.

The right size for your 12v solar panel

For the 12v solar panels, the required solar performance is also important. So, a small 12v solar panel with up to 50Wp is enough to maintain the battery charge for a long service life. A 12v solar panel with up to 75Wp is used for seasonal but not complete power supply in motorhomes with up to 6.5m length. A solar module with up to 150Wp is proper for seasonal and complete power supply in a motorhome from 6.5m length. For a year-round, complete power supply we recommend 12v solar panels with more than 200Wp.

How much Wp is required for my caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels or campervan solar panels?

The 12v solar panel is available in many different capacities. To calculate and estimate the required size for your caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels or campervan solar panels, just multiply all the power of the connected loads (in watts) with the daily usage (in hours). This gives the average daily power requirement in watt-hours (Wh).
For power reserves and for long-term power supply in the motorhome about 2.5 days in summer and about 4 days in winter, the calculated electricity needs to be increased accordingly. For losses due to temperature fluctuations, conversion and adaptation processes as well as voltage losses in the cable, 10% must be added. This calculated total energy requirement must then be divided by four and you will get the approximately needed Wp-value. This result helps you to choose your proper 12v solar panel for the power supply in your motorhome, caravan or campervan.

How do I save the energy gained by my 12v solar panels?

Inside the solar cell, sunlight is converted into electrical power, which is stored in a solar battery. The recall then takes place as required and needed by the consumer/device. As protection against battery overcharging and to prevent power consumption (by the solar panel in the dark) a solar charge controller is used. Since power generation in the solar module and power supply in the motorhome does not always take place simultaneously, the solar battery must be dimensioned accordingly. It should be noted that for a long service life, a wet battery or a maintenance-free gel battery may never be discharged completely, but only to 50% to a maximum of 60%, and therefore the solar battery storage capacity should be at least twice as high as the total energy requirement of a day. For better availability, there are up-to-date AGM and modern lithium batteries available. The power consumption is much higher as it is in summer. Therefore, in winter, the power supply in the motorhome can often be implemented cost-effectively only in combination of a high-performance solar module and another energy source.

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