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Solar Panel for Shed, Solar Garden

Solar Panel for Shed, Solar Garden

Power your solar garden - the solar panel for shed

A solar panel for shed from the camping sector generates a voltage of 12v. The solar panel fo shed by Carbest is durable, of high quality and easy to set up, even on a garden shed. A solar panel for shed equipped with a suitable inverter, gives you the usual household output voltage of 230v. Your garden shed with refrigerator, radio and light provides with a solar panel for shed electrical power with 230v. A cool drink and a TV evening with the neighbors in your garden shed, life can be wonderful! Power your solar garden with free electricity directly from the sun with a solar panel for shed.

Scroll down for further details about the solar garden and solar panel for shed!

Solar panel for shed - how many watts?

How many watts do I need for a solar panel for shed to operate the refrigerator? Have some self-sufficient electricity in the garden? No longer a problem. As a fridge in your garden shed you can either use a 12v cool box or you connect an inverter to your solar panel for shed to use a compressor or 3-way fridge. The inverter converts the voltage of 12v to 230v. With 230v you can operate almost all your usual household appliances. For simple devices a modified sine wave inverter is sufficient. When purchasing an inverter, please note the starting current of the devices you would like to connect. For many of the devices, such as compressor fridges or air conditioners, the starting current is about three times higher than normal consumption. Very high-quality sine wave inverters (Carbest) tolerate a double or triple overload for a short time. Attention, please check the current product description of your desired inverter. If the peak power is exceeded, the fuse of the inverter switches off.
A solar panel for shed to operate a small refrigerator in the garden or small compressor cool box should be from 120 watts upwards. Once you started with your solar garden there is mostly a desire for more and bigger devices. A 100 watts solar panel for shed and a 100 watts solar battery is a fine thing - for now. However, if you would like to have a little bit more comfort you should consider at least 200 watts for your solar garden. By using an inverter from 1500 watts upwards even a hot plate for a soup or a coffee machine can be operated.
If you have an allotment garden in a allotment garden club:
Please remember to clarify in advance if a garden solar system complies with the rules!

Your solar garden: Constantly available electricity for pond pump and lighting

A garden pond has always been your dream but you did not get one because you had no power available for the pump? Or you need solar outlets for your garden? All these questions are questions of the past with our solar panel for shed. Ventilate your garden pond and prevent stagnant water! With a small solar panel for shed in your garden you should be able to easily operate the pond pump, the motion detector or similar small devices. Without having a fixed power connection, only with an 80 watts solar panel and with a proper solar battery, the power should be sufficient for these little devices.

Solar panel for shed in a carefree kit

You can get a complete solar power system for your garden shed for example with a solar panel kit and an inverter (in case you need more than 12v). The right battery with enough storage capacity for your solar panel for shed offers you a good power supply independent of the mains. Our solar panel kits include a 12v solar panel for shed, solar charge controller, roof duct, solar cable and mounting brackets. For your solar garden you would need to add an inverter (for 230V) and solar batteries to save the gained electricity. We present you some suggestions in this category. If you cannot find the right one, have look at these overall categories: pure sine wave inverter, modified sine wave inverter, 12v/230v inverter and solar batteries.
In each category we are showing you the functions and differences of the inverter and battery types. In many cases, a cheap 12v power inverter or modified sine wave inverter will be sufficient, in some cases you might need a pure sine wave inverter.

The dreams of a solar garden are as varied and colourful as the garden design itself! - so let your wishes become true!
It is best to order your solar panel for shed for your solar garden in good time before the summer season!

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