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Portable Solar Panels - Take them with you wherever you are going!

Portable Solar Panels - Take them with you wherever you are going!

Portable solar panels - classic solar case with 100W or 60W

Portable solar panels are basically rigid solar modules that are hinged which is why they are often called solar cases. Traditionally, portable solar panels are available with either 100 watts or smaller with 60 watts.
Our portable solar panels (kits by Carbest) are equipped with:
  • Monocrystalline cells
  • Integrated 10 amps solar charge controller
  • USB port for charging your smartphone & other devices
  • Connection cable with alligator clips
  • 4m solar cable on the panel
There is also either a hardcase bag or a soft case bag included in the shipment. Simply connect the portable solar panels to the battery, open them and with their integrated retractable feet you can place them towards the sun. Perfect portable solar panels for your power supply while being on a camping vacation. You can take them with you, wherever you are going!

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Portable solar panels - stay carefree and self-sufficient while traveling

Portable solar panels are an easy way to quickly and simply come to a self-sufficient power supply while being on your camping vacation. These portable solar panels can be opened and placed in the sun to get the maximum solar energy. They are connected to electrical system of the campervan by cable. Portable solar panels have the advantage that you can leave your campervan or tent in the shade while having the panel set up in the sun. Especially when traveling with a tent, off-road vehicle, campervan, caravan or motorhome; due to your portable solar panel you can easily get power from the onboard or vehicle battery without your vehicle being heated up by the sun. The portable solar panel 100 watts or 60 watts is simply clamped to the battery with the included alligator clips. With the 100 watts portable solar panel you can even charge the battery directly via the vehicle's (12V) power socket or for example the Efoy Go. Isn't it great that you can use the same portable solar panels with all the vehicles in your family?

Portable solar panels - 60W or 100W - which one do I need?

The portable solar panels or small portable photovoltaic systems are versatile. 60 watts are sufficient for light, water pump and hidden devices with power drain in a campervan or small caravan. The 100 watts portable solar panels should be sufficiently dimensioned for light, water pump, heater and TV. This information is without any guarantee, please keep an eye on your devices and their power drain by using a 12v solar computer or solar display! On the back of our portable solar panel by our brand Carbest, a charge controller with USB port is mounted. So your portable solar panels have an additional socket for smartphones and other devices. Portable solar panels are almost indispensable for outdoor parties and events without given electricity. This used to be a problem: either cold drinks from the camping cool box or loud music from the car speakers. Whenever it started to just get nice you either had to start the car or take a device off the power. Portable solar panels constantly charge the battery of your vehicle and nowadays the USB port charges the smartphones or bluetooth speaker. The portable solar panels increase the performance of your car's own power supply. This of course applies to campervans, motorhomes and caravans as well.