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Solar Panel Brackets, Solar Panel Mounting Brackets, Solar Panel Mounts

Solar Panel Brackets, Solar Panel Mounting Brackets, Solar Panel Mounts

Solar panel brackets, solar panel mounts as well as solar panel mounting brackets for motorhome, campervan or caravan

Solar panel brackets are used for secure mounting of the solar panels. Solar panel mounting brackets are available in different versions. Very precious are the solar panel mounts in aluminium or black. Solar panel brackets have the advantage that the solar panels can easily be replaced, in case if there is for example a hail damage. The solar panels are only attached to the solar panel mounting brackets. The alternatives are deep-drawn plastic solar panel mounts or polyurethane-foamed mounting brackets. The most important feature, in addition to a stable attachment, for good solar panel brackets is good ventilation of the solar panel. Because the hotter a solar panel becomes, the less power it produces.

Please scroll down for further information about the solar panel brackets, solar panel mounts, solar panel mounting brackets!

Solar panel brackets made of aluminium

Solar panel brackets look chic and are very stable. Solar panel mounting brackets are ideal for attaching large as well as small solar panels. Solar panel mounts or solar panel brackets are characterized by high flexibility. You want more power? With "2 little screws" simply dismantle the old solar panel and the new can be installed immediately. We can offer you a very good price-performance ratio for our solar panel mounting brackets by Carbest. The extruded profile produced for the Carbest panels can be attached easily by screwing and/or gluing using high-strength polyurethane adhesives. The aerodynamic spoiler profile offers little wind resistance when driving. The distance between solar panel mounting brackets and vehicle roof ensures that the solar panel gets ventialted very well and therefore has an optimum performance. The shortenable solar panel brackets can be individually adapted to your solar panel, the supplied plastic caps cover the solar panel edges.

Solar panel mounting brackets made of ABS, PUR, plastic

Solar panel mounting brackets made of ABS or PUR plastic corner profiles, longitudinal profiles or connection kits. Carbest and Büttner offer you simple solar panel brackets for your panels. These solar panel mounting brackets are being attached to the vehicle by using Dekasyl glue and the adhesion promotors. Previously, the solar panels should be glued into the solar panel mounts. We would recommend you to install solar panel mounting brackets because of a less wind noises and a greater flexibility.

Solar panel mounts

The solar panel installation and attachment should always be as far as possible from any other structures such as satellite system or roof rack. Because the less shade on your solar panel is, the more power you gain.
Before your solar panel installation, you should think about the following questions:
  • Where is the solar battery installed?
  • Where is the solar charge controller?
  • Where is the perfect place on the roof?
You should lay up the cable before installing solar battery and solar charge controller. This is an easy way for you to find the direct way to the roof and to the panel connection box. From the top of the roof you start laying the cable from the solar panel mounts though the roof duct to the bottom. Try to use as less cable as possible. Because often, the way which you think is the shortest and easiest is blocked by other installations on and in the vehicle. In this way you will find the easiest and shortest way for laying your solar cable.

Have you found the ideal place for your solar panel installation?

Perfect, now the solar panel installation can begin! Before you start please cover your solar panel (especially when setting it up outdoors)! The surface could get damaged when mounting. Even more important is the covering to avoid unwanted power production during installation
The solar panel will be bolted to the solar panel brackets or the solar panel mounts. Please clean and degrease the vehicle roof. For a