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Solar Panel Controller, Solar Controller Display

Solar Panel Controller, Solar Controller Display

Solar panel controller - always the latest state of charge in view

Solar panel controller and solar controller displays can show you (depending on the model):

  • the momentary power of your solar system
  • the condition of your battery
  • the charging current
  • the system voltage
  • the charging function
By using a good solar panel controller it is easy to keep an eye on the battery and the solar panel. This allows you to stay carefree self-sufficient and you will know at a glance, when you should be a bit more economical in power consumption.

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The solar panel controller shows you how much energy is generated by your solar panels

The solar controller display shows you immediately whether your solar panel is too shady or dirty or if something else is wrong. With a solar panel controller you can see the complete charging process on the solar controller display and you can respond and react directly to failures or fluctuations. Maybe you simply have to drive in the sun with your motorhome, caravan or campervan or perhaps have to manually clear the solar panel of dirt and dust on the garden shed. Solar panels for motorhomes, campervans, caravans or boats (at least those by Carbest) are quite robust. Real troubleshooting on the solar panel is rather the rarity.

With a solar controller display, you know exactly what your solar panels do

Even if you do not have technical know-how, you probably would like to know how your battery is charged and what the power range of the supplied power is. Comprehensive information on the actual state of the battery and charge is transmitted to the solar controller display or solar panel controller. Are you interested but you already have a solar power system? Comfort yourself - a subsequent connection of a solar controller display or a solar panel controller is usually easily possible. Many devices are plug-ready and send all the important data directly to the new solar controller display.
Of course, your solar power system is not producing more electricity with a solar controller display but you have a better view of incoming and outgoing flows and you can react promptly. With a solar panel controller, deep-discharge batteries should soon be a thing of the past.

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