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Flexible Solar Panels, Curved Solar Panels

Flexible Solar Panels, Curved Solar Panels

Flexible solar panels: 80W, 100W, 115W, 130W and 160W
- for challenging installation conditions

Flexible solar panels, also-called curved solar panels to glue and stick on:
Flexible solar panels can be conveniently placed on curved surfaces, they hardly increase the vehicle height, they are insensitive and often able to be walked-on. All things considered the flexible solar panels are an excellent alternative to rigid 12v solar panels. Simply choose the right place on the roof, stick it on, do not forget the roof duct and solar charge controller, connect and install it - done! The flexible solar panels have originally been produced for the marine sector. We have successfully built them on the vans of Reimo Van Concept for many years. A low construction height, weather resistance and relatively undemanding processing make the flexible solar panels perfect for VW buses and other vans.

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Flexible solar panels fit on curved and limited vehicle roofs

The flexible solar panels or curved solar panels were originally invented in the marine sector.

These flexible solar panels were invented to firmly stick to the curved surface of sailboats. They are salt water resistant and they defy every kind of weather. Therefore the flexible solar panels are perfect for campervans, motorhomes and caravans. Cruved solar panels are made for the assembling on curved pop top roofs and high roofs. Using them saves a lot of weight and of course height.
A little guidebook for solar panels for campervans, motorhomes and caravans is available here: Campervan Conversion: Solar Panels

Flexible solar panels: A short advice

There is so much to know about how and why felxible solar panels work. Information about photovoltaic cells can be found under: solar cells

Therefore, here is just a quick practical report of curved solar panels, flexible solar panels:
Flexible solar panels may only be used if they are firmly installed. The contactors inside these flexible solar panels are very sensitive.
A self-experienced story: A flexible solar panel was taken on vacation. It was shaken in the trunk and during those 4 weeks of vacation it was re-installed on every single campsite. The permanent vibration and twisting damaged the contactors inside the panel so they broke. Unfortunately there is no way to repair this kind of damage. Luckily we were able to help this customer but the guarantee process was not much fun.
So please only use the flexible solar panels exclusively firmly installed!
If your vehicle does not permit the installation of flexible solar panels and you need more flexibility, have a look at our powerful folding solar panels in the sector of camping solar panels, folding solar panels. Camping solar panels are specially designed for mobile use and withstand many loads.

Do flexible solar panels deliver less electricity with too much sun?

That can be clarified very easy: no, they do not. The Wp indications are super reliable. The conventional 12v solar panel delivers exactly as much electricity and power as the flexible solar panels do. However, the heat can be challenging for every type of solar panel. Solar panels produce optimally at about 20 degrees Celsius (temperature of the panel). So the optimum is different as soon as it gets hot. With a temperature of the panel of 60 degrees Celsius, the panel produces approx. 20% less. For example, a black camper-roof with an installed black solar panel can get up to 90 degrees Celsius (and more). The conventional 12v solar panel has the advantage of not being directly glued to the roof because it is installed with a holder between the roof and the panel. Due to this little space the solar panel gets ventilated with air from the bottom, this ensures that the panel cools down a little. Unfortunately this process is not going to work with flexible solar panels. BUT we have a great solution: white, flexible solar panels especially for van-roofs that are more likely to heat up. These flexible solar panels are not heating up as quickly as the black ones do and so they are able to produce more electricity on hot days.

3-year warranty on felixble solar panels by Carbest!

The monocrystalline high-performance cells and the surface with EFTE or TPT of the flexible solar panels by Carbest, convince with long-life cycle. Due to the great quality we are pleased to give you a 3-year-guarantee on the flexible solar panels by Carbest. Carbest produces flexible solar panels with the following power levels: 80 watts, 100 watts,115 watts,130 watts and 160 watts. This is how you get the right performance even with higher power consumption for example for your tablet, laptop and many more.
The flexible solar panels by Carbest are tradition at Reimo. It soon became clear that this type of construction has immense advantages for camper and vans. So, a VW campervan with flexible solar panels and a flat pop-top roof is still able to drive in to the most underground car park or other parking garages. Many years ago you would not even think about possibilities like this. But the technology is getting better and the innovations about alternative power supply are far from complete and over. For example the flexible solar panels, 160 watts. To save additional height the junction box was transferred to the bottom side. The junction box is now certainly stored and underground-parking-safe.

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