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12V Solar Panel Accessories, Solar Panel Cleaner, 12V Solar Panel Cable, 12V Solar Panel Connectors

12V Solar Panel Accessories, Solar Panel Cleaner, 12V Solar Panel Cable, 12V Solar Panel Connectors

12v solar panel accessories for the installation and care of your solar panels

Brighten up your 12v solar panel with the Yachticon solar panel cleaner! A clean surface optimizes the power generation of your 12v solar panel. You need more 12v solar panel cable for installation? Then we should have the right 12v solar panel cable for you. You can easily and safely connect your solar panels to Carbest MC4 12v solar panel connectors with a new 12v solar panel cable. It is best to glue the solar panel mounts with Dekalin MS the Dekasyl adhesive or with the complete adhesive kit by Sikaflex. Both adhesives have been tried and tested for many years and are well suited for installation on motorhomes, caravans or campervans.

Please scroll further down for more information about 12v solar panel accessories such as the solar panel cleaner, 12v solar panel cable or 12v solar panel connectors and more!

Carbest solar plug MC4, 12v solar panel connectors

The Carbest MC4 12v solar panel connectors connect your solar panels with each other. The MC4 plug is indispenseble in the solar sector. After crimping the cable, simply insert the solar plug into the socket with light pressure on the sides. After the MC4 12v solar panel connector has been inserted the side panels snap in. This connection is very stabe, it can only be removed with a suitable tool. For best results, we recommend using the Carbest MC4 plug only with a solar cable with matching cross section.

Solar panel cleaner - Why do I need one?

A solar panel cleaner is ideal for solar power systems of any kind. Dirt can reduce the efficiency of your solar panel by about 15%. With the solar panel cleaner you can tackle stubborn and old soiling. A water-repellent effect after using the cleaner, esnures fast removal of rain or new dirt.

12v solar panel cable

A 12v solar panel cable for your solar power system is required for the connection between the solar panels and for the connection of solar panel to solar conotroller. A 12v solar panel cable must be UV, ozone and weather resistant. The here offered 12v solar panel cables are of high quality and very well insulated against heating. There is two differnt cross-sections for differtent panel power:
  • 2,5 mm² solar panel power up to 120 W
  • 4,0 mm² solar panel power from 120 W

Dekalin MS 5 or MT adhesive kit?

Dekalin MS 5 and MT adhesive kits with Sika 252 are tried and tested and capable of bonding. Depending on its size the MT adhesive kit is especially suitable for bonding the holders of one or two solar panels. Dekalin MS 5/ Dekasyl MS 5 can be used universally and can also be used for gluing a satellite system. Both adhesives are specially designed for the bonding of different surfaces. Therefore, plyster and fiberglass parts (GPR) can be easily connected to wood, painted surfaces, aluminium, stainless stell or other metals. The Dekalin MS 5 is just like the Sika 252 recoatable and permanently elastic for long-lasting adhesive bonds.

Buy here your 12v solar panel accessories!

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