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Roof Ducts - cable glands for camping solar power systems

Dachdurchführung Wohnmobil, Wohnwagen, Boot und Gartenhütte

Waterproof cable glands - roof ducts by Carbest, Scanstrut and many more

Roof ducts for motorhomes, caravans, campervans, boats and garden sheds. Whether the marine edition or with a cable entry box:
The cable gland must be watertight! The waterproof roof ducts lead the connection cables for solar panels or satellite aerials through the vehicle roof to the outside. The attachment is done by gluing or screwing. Please note the maximum roof thickness! The
modern, watertight roof ducts and the waterproof cable glands such as the models of SCANSTRUT are very elegant and have and integrated rubber seal. These models are from the marine area and are quick to install, they withstand many different kinds of weather.
The classic roof ducts for the motorhome e.g. is the low-priced cable gland by Carbest. Neatly glued to the vehicle roof e.g. with Sika or other adhesives, it reliably seals the way to the interior.

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SCANSTRUT cable gland from the marine sector

The Scanstrut cable gland for boats with wateproof housing made of stainless steel or glass fiber reinforced plastic are well-esablished in the yacht or boat sector. Scanstrut cable glands are ideal for the installation in vehicles.
Whether roof or wall mounting, whatever whithstands storms and salt water at sea is just right for motorhomes, campervans or caravans!

  • SCANSTRUT: high-quality materials
  • SCANSTRUT: sea-water resistant
  • SCANSTRUT: protection class IP68 (waterproof, dustproof)
  • SCANSTRUT: different sizes for optimal fit
Scanstrut promises 100% tightness with professional installation. The splitted seal ensures trouble-free connecter feedthrough. Alternatively, you also get undrilled seals for customizing your Scanstrut cable gland.

Motorhome roof cable gland, caravan roof cable entry for solar and satellites - by Carbest

The motorhome roof cable gland by Carbest has been on the market for many years. The simple installation and the safe, watertight cable bushing through roofs and walls make this motorhome roof cable gland (6-12mm) the Evergreen. In the rigid Carbest solar power systems these motorhome roof cable glands for solar and satellite have been easily installed for many years. The Carbest roof ducts are ideal for flat roofs and straight walls.

Motorhome roof cable gland, caravan roof cable entry for camping

The motorhome roof cable gland or caravan roof cable entry allows the entry of max. 3 cables with up to 7 mm (diameter). The cable connection between the living area of motorhome and solar panel takes place clean and dry in the motorhome roof cable gland. This type of construction of the roof duct is particularly popular with motorhomes and caravans.

Solar able gland by Scanstrut

Mit den Dachdurchführungen Solar von SCANSTRUT und Carbest werden Anschlusskabel für Solaranlagen oder Sat-Antennen durch das Fahrzeugdach nach außen geführt. Die Befestigung der Dachdurchführung Solar erfolgt durch Kleben und/oder Schrauben. Bitte beachten Sie beim Verbauen der Dachdurchführung Solar die maximale Dachstärke!
Moderne, wasserdichte Dachdurchführungen und wasserfeste Kabeldurchführungen wie zum Beispiel die Modelle von SCANSTRUT haben einen eleganten Look und integrierte Dichtgummis. Die SCANSTRUT Modelle sind aus dem Marine Bereich, schnell zu montieren und halten vielen Wettereinflüssen stand. With the solar roof ducts from SCANSTRUT and Carbest, connection cables for solar systems or satellite antennas are routed through the vehicle roof to the outside. The attachment of the roof rood cable glandis done by gluing and / or screws. Please pay attention to the maximum roof thickness when installing the solar roof duct!
Modern, waterproof roof outlets and waterproof cable glands such as the SCANSTRUT models have an elegant look and integrated rubber seals. The SCANSTRUT models are marine-grade, quick to assemble and withstand many weather conditions.

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