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Solar Charge Controller, MPPT Solar Charge Controller, PWM Solar Charge Controller and others

Solar Charge Controller, MPPT Solar Charge Controller, PWM Solar Charge Controller

Solar charge controller, MPPT solar charge controller, PWM solar charge controller, Votornic solar regulator, NDS solar controller or Carbest solar charge controller

The solar charge controller controls the electricity that is passed from the 12v solar panel in the battery. The solar charge controller in the shunt technology ensures that the charge intensity is adapted to the battery condition. At the same time, they prevent the solar cell from discharging the battery at night.
A modern MPPT solar charge controller (Maximum Power Point Solar Controllers) has more complex charging programs and can on average make about 20% more charge current from the solar system available for your solar battery. With a MPPT solar charge controller you can use much more of the solar energy gained and thus shorten the loading times accordingly.
In general, the power of the solar charge controller must be adapted to the overall performance of the solar panel. It is also very important that the solar charge controller is connected to a solar computer or an electric block. Reimo's Carbest solar kits are generally shipped with a German brand solar charge controller.

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and find out more about solar charge controller such as the MPPT solar charge controller or PWM solar charge controller!

Why do I need a solar charge controller?

A solar charge controller controls the solar power system for campervans, motorhomes, caravans, garden shed and boat. This means, the solar charge controller controls the current flow that goes to the solar battery. Due to this control, overcharging or a deep discharge of the solar battery is normally impossible. This optimized charge curve allows the charge controller to fully charge the solar battery faster and extend the battery life. These solar charge controller include the exact state of charge of your solar battery. This results from various factors:

  • Discharge time
  • Discharge current
  • Temperature
  • Aging state
There are 3 different types of solar charge controller, we offer here the PWM solar charge controller and the high-quality MPPT solar charge controller. The cheap series solar charge controller which are also on the market have not proven themselves for campervans, caravans, motorhomes, boats or garden sheds. The advanced solar charge controller such as the MPPT solar charge controller cost a little more but spare your solar battery. They are totally worth the money.

We offer solar charge controller by Carbest, Votronic and NDS

We have put together a wide range of the common solar charge controller for motorhomes, caravans and campervans. Whether low-priced, innovative or made in Germany, here can be found something for everyone.
Carbest charge controller - Reimo's own production. We have had the solar charge controllers manufactured to our quality specifications for many years. The Carbest charge controller which are included in the Carbest solar panel kits, are successfully installed in large quantities. Therefore, we offer a extended guarantee of 3 years. Carbest charge controllers are available in a wide range from the simple PWM charge controller to the high-quality MPPT controller. Due to the frequent installation of the Carbest charge controller, continuous improvements in the production flow are made.
Votronic solar regulators belong to a family with the well-known battery monitoring devices, tank level indicators, battery computers and many display panels. The display panels from Votronic can be found in many motorhomes.
NDS charge controllers have been sold by Reimo for several years. NDS is a specialist in batteries and charging technology for motorhomes, caravans and campervans. The reasonable price-performance ratio of the NDS solar charge controller are worth a look!

MPPT solar charge controller

The MPPT charge controller optimizes the charging currents. The electricity generated from the solar panels is subject to constant change. This is subject to various factors that can not always be ruled out.

  • Temperature of the solar panel (optimally at approx. 21°C)
  • Time of day
  • Shadow incidence such as partial shading under a tree
  • Panel type
An integrated controller in the MPPT charge controller monitors these changing conditions and controls the load so that the greatest possible loading success is always achieved. MPPT charge controllers provide an average of 20% more electricity. This is done by constantly searching the solar charge controller for the optimum voltage with the highest solar power of the connected panel. With such a high degree of efficiency, a MPPT charge controller can produce continuous electricity even in difficult conditions such as clouds or heat. Whether acid, gel, AGM or Lithium Battery, a MPPT charge controller optimally supplies the various battery types with power and will retain the performance of your solar battery for a long time.

PWM solar charge controller

The PWM charge controller prevents overcharging of your solar battery by a short-circuit of the panel. The PWM solar charge controller (Pulse Width Modulation) generates analogue signals via a digital signal source. The PWM solar charge controller only considers two components, the duty cycle and the frequency. This creates a voltage level with only 2 different settings. Simply said: the PWM charge controller is a switch. If the switch is switched to on, the solar panel will charge the solar battery. When the constant voltage of the solar battery is reached, the short-circuit causes the PWM solar charge controller to be switched off. By constantly switching on and off the state of charge of the solar battery is maintained. PWM solar charge controller is perfectly okay for an installation with long, constant charge times such as when installing a solar power system on the roof of your garden shed. The MPPT solar charge controller is the better choice for changing conditions and approx. 20% more electricity speak for them themselves.

Buy now a solar charge controller of your choice!

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