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All Season Awning, All Season Caravan Awnings, Winter Awning, Winter Caravan Awning

All Season Awning, All Season Caravan Awnings, Winter Awning, Winter Caravan Awning

For snow and ice - The winterproof all season awning from Tent Technology and Herzog

If, contrary to expectations, the right all season awning is not included in this category:
We can usually get all winter awnings that are still in the range from manufacturers Herzog, Brand and Isabella. We would be happy to inquire about the price and delivery time for you!
We only need
  • the name of the supplier
  • item number of the supplier
  • item description
  • size (if needed)
Please send this information to your local Reimo dealer or via Mail directly to Reimo

Please scroll down for further details about the all season caravan awnings, winter awning, winter caravan awning!

All season awning, all season caravan awnings, all year round awnings, all year round caravan awnings- camping at any time in any weathers

An all season awning can be used, as the name indicates, all year round in every kind of weather. Since they are mostly used for caravans they are also called all season caravan awnings or all year round caravan awnigns. The all season awning is made of high-quality materials. All season caravan awnings are of course available in a variety of sizes, so every camper can find the right all season awning for their caravan. Of course, we also have all year round awnings for winter camping in our range - the winter awning. Any long-term camper who chooses an all season awning will be happy about it for years.

The winter awning, winter caravan awning

A winter awning made of particularly thick and strong material that is partly coated and easy to wash off. The material for the also-called all year round awnings must remain elastic even at low temperatures and must not break. Extra strong zippers and a very stable frame, usually with additional support, give your winter awning a hold, even with heavy snow loads. The poles are made of stainless steel in most cases and can withstand high loads.
A winter awning is somewhat smaller, insulated and the roof is more inclined than the normal all season awning or caravan awning. Due to the slope of roof, the snow slides down faster and the more compact design is more resistant to extreme weather conditions. Because of its thick and strong materials, the winter awning is heavier then regular awnings. But you will get a top-equipped winter awning for the cold season.

Tent Technology winter awning - Test in Lapland under extreme conditions

Some time ago we gave the Tent Technology winter awning Casa Royal to our Finnish sales team for testing. They set the tent up, in front of their caravan in Lapland and simply forgot it in the dark during the cold season. Built for several years, it still bravely fulfills its service there today. The Casa Royal passed the test in the extreme Finnish weather with flying flags!

Accessories for winter awning, winter caravan awning

The caravan awning can be made even more comfortable with additional accessories. You will find a variety of other caravan accessories in our camping shop or at your local Reimo dealer. Would you like to go skiing and there is no space for skis, snowshoes and jackets in the caravan or motorhome? With a winter-proof awning you get the extra space for the essentials! With a winter awning you simply leave the wet and stuff outside and can go through directly into the warm and dry interior of your caravan or motorhome. Keep your winter awning warm and dry with tent heater. A suitable awning carpet avoids having a mass of snow inside. Keep the cold and the wet out of the winter awning, ideally with the use of an additional waterproof floor. This can be a tarp as a tent mat or the practical floor tiles. So, you get a pretty well insulated winter awning floor and cold feet in the awning are more of an exception.

All season awning, all season caravan awnings, all year round awnings, all year caravan awnings

All in all, the all season awning offers you the opportunity to enjoy your camping holiday all year round. Thanks to the particularly weatherproof materials, all year round awnings offer protection in almost any weather. An all season awning is a little more complex to set up and is very suitable for a fixed caravan. For example the Casa Royal and Ancona from Tent Technology or Engadin and Zürich from Herzog are well-known representatives of the all year round awnings, all season caravan awnings.

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