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Kitchen Tent, Camping Kitchen Tent, Storage Tent, Camping Storage Tent

Kitchen Tent, Camping Kitchen Tent, Storage Tent, Camping Storage Tent

Kitchen tent, camping kitchen tent or storage tent, camping storage tent for a variety of uses!

The kitchen tent or storage tent is available here in the Reimo Shop in a small but fine selection. Whether it is a place for a bicycle, the camping kitchen or the lawn mower, your items are protected and dry in the camping kitchen tent or camping storage tent.

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Camping storage tent, camping kitchen tent, storage tent, kitchen tent

Whether on the campsite or in the home garden, as winter or weather protection - these storage tents, kitchen tents are in demand 365 days a year! Developed primarily as a tent for year-round campsites, this category has enjoyed steady growth in recent years. The possible uses of the small all-rounders seem almost infinite.

Kitchen tent, camping kitchen tent

A kitchen tent is ideal for the campsite. The separate kitchen, equipped with a nice camping kitchen and a great camping stove is usually a better choice than cooking in a motorhome, campervan or caravan. If you use a camping kitchen tent to cook outside, your motorhome or caravan stays free from all the kitchen smells. The kitchen tent also offers more cooking space than it usually is in the motorhome or campervan.

Storage tent, camping storage tent

The camping storage tent can be used all year round. It is suitable to store equipment outside. Good weather protection is guaranteed here. Whether it is the lawnmower or the sun lounger, you can use your camping storage tent in many ways.
Bicycle garages and motorcycle folding garages are usually expensive and have little headroom, a storage tent is a good and usually cheaper alternative.
A camping storage tent keeps your wood piles in the garden or the additional luggage when camping dry. Use your storage tent all year round.

The fact is:
It makes sense to own a camping kitchen tent, camping storage tent. Often there is limited space in the motorhome or caravan , the pracrtical kitchen tent or storage tent offers additional space for storage, cooking, showering, changing clothes and much more. Self-standing and robust tents for all kinds of uses. Whether as a kitchen tent or as a storage tent for storing motorcycles, bicycles, camping furniture, toys and much more. The toilet tents and shower tents can be found here!