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Windbreak beach, windbreak camping, windshield caravan

Windbreak beach, windbreak camping, windshield caravan

Windbreak Isabella, windbreak Outwell, windbreak Camp4, windbreak van

A windbreak is the easy way of a comfortable beach stay and when you want to read the newspaper at the sea! As a privacy shield for a better holiday feeling too.
The Duffy windbreak consists of polyethylene material. For day trips or holidays, this material is perfectly adequate. The luxury windshield Fehmarn consists of extremely high quality, solution-dyed acrylic fabric. The design is suitable for our Casa Royal 320 and 390 tents. An average quality are the high-quality polyester fabrics that last longer than the polyethylene material, but not so long as the acrylic fabric.
A very high-quality material is also Oxford polyester. This is a thread-reinforced polyester fabric. For the UV stability of the Oxford polyester is additionally covered with PU.
A great luxury at a windshield, the overhead transverse reinforcement rods. The windshield is simply better. For soft sand, the ground anchor with soil nails are very helpful.
Many sizes are available, with and without windows, entry-level models or extensible add-on components.