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Camping Lights: Camping Lamp, Camping Lantern, Camping Tent Lights

Camping Lights: Camping Lamp, Camping Lantern, Camping Tent Lights

Camping headlamp, camping flashlight - buy camping lights for almost all eventualities
- Solar camping lights, LED camping lights, LED camping lantern, LED camping lights for tents, LED camping lamp!

Buy your new camping lights here in a wide range. Our offer includes the exremely bright LED camping lights, the practical camping headlamp and the cozy camping lamp.
If you had another camping lamp or camping lantern in mind, click here to shop the traditional camping gas lamps.

Scroll down for further details about the camping lights, camping lamp, camping lantern or camping tent lights!

Overview: Camping lights

Camping lights are available in many different versions:
  • Camping lamp with solar technology
  • LED camping lantern
  • LED camping lights
  • Camping headlamp
All these camping lights are an essential part of a camping holiday.

Solar camping lights with USB

Solar camping lights with USB are currently the non plus ultra. The here offered solar camping lights with built-in battery (e.g. Item No. 834871) are charged either with the built-in solar panel or with 12 V or 230 V. The large battery of the solar camping light promises 2-6 hours of running time, so a night in a tent or awning with a cozy card game or a good book should be guaranteed. You can charge your smartphone or tablet with the integrated USB port.

The light of a camping lantern, LED camping lantern usually has 3 settings:

  1. Camping lantern, bright - for playing or reading
  2. Camping lantern, extra bright - for working
  3. Camping lantern, flashing - as warn signal
The 3W COB LED camping lantern (Item No. 834842) has almost the same luminosity as a regular camping lantern. However, this LED camping lantern is equipped with a battery compartment for (3x D batteries). All new camping lanterns in our range are equipped with LED. These LED camping lanterns are extremely economical and thus guarantee the longest possible battery or battery performance.

Camping lamp with Bluetooth speaker

Camping lamps with Bluetooth speaker are in our range since 2019. The combination of cozy light and good music has always had its charm. Just connect the camping lamp via Bluetooth to the music of your smartphone and you're ready to go!
In times of great drought and increased risk of forest fires, an alternative source of light to gas lamp or torch is recommended. The camping lamp (Item No. 83184) radiates a warm and flickering light. This camping lamp is charged via a micro-USB port. The Bluetooth speakers, which are also integrated in the camping lamp, provide> 90dB, the Bluetooth transmission range of this camping lamp is 10 m.

LED, camping headlamp - practical for many reasons

For sure you know a camping headlamp or LED headlamp LED, either as a help during winter walks or as a light while jogging. But even as a camping headlamp it is perfect!
  • You have to get out at night and change the gas bottle quickly?
  • You have to go to the bathroom/washing room in the dark?
  • You are looking for something in the rear garage?
You could use a camping headlamp for all these moments. Because for all these situations it is nice to have camping headlamp so you have light and your hands free. Camping headlamps are extremely practical. Anyone who has ever had a camping headlamp in use, knows that going on a camping holiday is much easier when having a camping headlamp available.

LED camping lights

LED camping lights or LED camping lights for tents with LED and battery. You are looking for something in the dark rear garage, or have to look under the hood because of a defect? Then a good LED camping light creates almost daylight. Just attach the magnetic LED camping light to the bonnet and you're ready to go. The LED camping lights (Item No. 83492) impresses with 800 lumens in stage 1 and 450 lumens in stage 2. The specified battery life of the is approx. 1.5 hours in stage 1 and about 5 hours with stage 2 lighting.

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