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Camping Gas Cartridge, Screw On Cartridge, CV 470, Piercable Cartridge, Cartridges for Gas Cooker

Camping Gas Cartridge, Screw-In Cartridge, CV 470, Lancing Cartridge, Cartridges for Gas Cooker

Campingaz cartridges or the camping gas cartridge 220g for your Burny

Camping gas cartridges are usually filled with LPG, mostly butane, isoprane or propane. Camping gas cartridges are often used as a stand for the stove. There are 3 types of cartridges.
easy click/bayonet cartridge
Cartridge is equipped with valve and can therefore be separated again from the stove. This valve is not screwed, but plugged and secured.
Screw on cartridge
The matching connection is only screwed on. Cartridge releases gas only when the connection is screwed on. The dismantling and storage of the cartridge separately from the cooker or lamp is also possible without any problems.
Piercable cartridge
The most famous and simplest form of gas cartridge. In the box a thorn is stung. The rubber seal on the cooker seals the puncture site and the cooker can be used. However, after use there is no longer the possibility to separate the gas cooker from the cartridge. Since the rubber seal is not always 100% tight, the cartridge empties when not in use for longer term .