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Camping Gas Cartridges, Camping Gas Canisters, Campingaz Cartridge, Cadac Gas Cartridge

Camping Gas Cartridges, Camping Gas Canisters, Campingaz Cartridge, Cadac Gas Cartridge

Campingaz canisters, Campingaz cylinders, Campingaz CV470, Campingaz CV300, Cadac cartridges, gas cartridges for camping cookers
- here you will find the right camping gas cartridge for your camping gas stove or cooker!

Camping gas cansiters, Cadac gas cartridges or Campingaz cartridges are filled with liquefied petroleum gas, mostly butane, isoprene, propane or a more powerful mixture.
Camping gas cartridges or screw cartridges are still often used as a stand for the stove, meanwhile, there are significantly non-tiltable camping gas cartridge variants that are not expensive.

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Whether you prefer the Campingaz cartridge, such as the Campingaz CV470 or Campingaz CV300, or the CADAC gas cartridges is a matter of taste! Because both of them offer safe gas from the gas cartridges.

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Which kinds of campng gas cartridges are there?

As you've probably noticed, the camping gas cartridges are divided into 3 types.
  • Bayonet gas cartridge
    Equipped with a valve and can therefore be separated again and again from the stove. This valve will not be screwed on. The bayonet gas cartridge is inserted and secured with a lever. This form of gas cartridges is rare in Germany.
  • Screw gas cartridge
    The fitting connection is only screwed onto the camping gas cartridge. Gas cartridge releases gas only when the connection is screwed on. The dismantling and storage of the screw gas cartridge separate from the cooker or lamp is also possible without any problems.
  • Piercable gas cartridge
    The most popular and simplest form of camping gas cartridge. A thorn is stung in the gas cartridge. The rubber seal on the cooker seals the puncture site and the cooker can be used. However, after use there is no longer the possibility to separate the gas cooker from the piercable gas cartridge. Since the rubber seal of the gas cartridge is not always 100% tight, these camping gas cartridges empties itself when not in use for a long time.

How long is a camping gas cartridge for the gas cooker durable and where do I dispose of it?

A camping gas cartridge can be stored almost forever if stored in a cool, dry room. In the case of corrosion or rust, however, we recommend that you do not use the camping gas cartridge anymore. The completely empty camping gas cartridges are easily disposed in the recycling bin. Piercable gas cartridges empty themselves after a short time. Screw and bayonet cartridges must be partially pierced to empty completely.

Campingaz Cartridge, Campingaz CV300 or Campingaz CV470 plus

The Campingaz CV470 or Campingaz CV300 is probably the best-known camping gas cartridge on the camping market. The Campingaz cylinders wth the striking blue exterior are filled with a blend of 80% butane and 20% propane gas. The Campingaz CV300, Campingaz CV470 is equipped with a screw cap. So the camping gas cartridge is simply closed, if you have just no cooker, lamp or other attached to your screw-valve cartridge.

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