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Camping Gas Regulator, BBQ Gas Regulator

Camping Gas Regulator, BBQ Gas Regulator

Be on the safe side with the camping gas regulator, BBQ gas regulator for your camping holiday!

The gas regulators for gas grills distinguish between the ones for private use and the ones, which are also approved for commercial use. The regulators with two or more outlets are all camping gas regulators, which are only for private use and outdoors only. These are just as suitable for absorption coolers as they are for gas grills. These camping gas regulators may not be used in the motorhome or caravan! For many countries there are special regulations, please note here our advice on the areas of application. The right gas hose for grills normally has a 1/4 inch thread and is weatherproof.
In this category we present you a small selection of it!
If you cannot find what you are looking for: here you will find the category gas technology!

The offered gas barbecues and absorption coolers with 30mb may only be connected directly to the gas outlet in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
For connection directly to the gas cylinder (in D / A / CH) only the gas operating pressure of 50mb is allowed.