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12v Coffee Machine, 12v Coffee Maker, 12v Water Heater, 12 volt Coffee Maker

12v Coffee Machine, 12v Coffee Maker, 12v Water Heater, 12 volt Coffee Maker

12v coffee machine, 12v water heater or 12v coffee maker for your motorhome, caravan or camper

Get more independence by buying a 12v coffee machine or 12v water heater. Delicious coffee or tea to go is not a problem anymore with a 12v coffee maker and 12v water heater. A 12 volt coffee maker prepares easy and quick tasty coffee only by simply pluging it into the cigarette lighter or the 12V / 24V socket. Delicious coffee is quickly prepared with the 12v coffee machine on a short break or spontaneous stop.

Please scroll down for further details about the 12v coffee machine, 12v water heater and 12v coffee maker!

Do I need a 12v coffee machine or a coffee maker with 230v?

230v coffee makers and capsule machines for the household often consume around 1600 W. As you may have already learned, these devices, unlike the 12v coffee machine are too strong for many campsites. In our also offered 230 volt camping coffee machines for campervans and caravans, mostly heating elements with 600 to 800 W are installed. This makes them much faster than the 12v coffee machines. These camping coffee machines can be operated at campsites and with a 1000 W inverter in motorhomes.
The 12v coffee maker or the 230v coffee machine is therefore a mobile solution for coffee lovers.

More flexibility with the 12v water heater

12v water heater give you a little more choice when it comes to hot drinks.
Whether it is
  • a cup of tea
  • a nice hot, self-brewed coffee
  • a delicious grog or jager tea (of course not while driving!)
  • or a clear broth
There are a lot of options you can prepare with our 12v water heater. Of course, the 12v water heater takes time until the water is hot. As with the 12v coffee maker, the wattage of the 12v water heater is only between 230W and 500W. You can also prepare coffee and hot water while driving. While not driving, a camping stove in connection with a

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