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12v Vacuum Cleaner, 12v Car Vacuum Cleaner, Camping Vacuum Cleaner

12v Vacuum Cleaner, 12v Car Vacuum Cleaner, Camping Vacuum Cleaner

12v vacuum cleaner as 12v car vacuum cleaner for your motorhome, caravan or campervan

A 12v vacuum cleaner needs to be small and powerful. Buy here the ideal 12v vacuum cleaner for car, camper, truck, caravan and boat!
From the cheap 12v car vacuum cleaner (Item No. 804272) with Cyclon System, to the powerful 230v built-in vacuum cleaner (Item No.804902) for camper, caravan and boat, or a small 12v car vacuum cleaner - we offer different versions.
A camping holiday on the beach, without a camping vacuum cleaner in your luggage can be a super messy. It reminds me of my first motorhome vacation. I thought, since a motorhome or caravan is so small, a shovel and broom should be sufficient. I quickly realized, I was wrong. A camper of any kind has so many corners that it is difficult to get anywhere with only the broom. With a 12v car vacuum cleaner, the small cracks and grooves in a motorhome are no longer a problem. Convince yourself personally of the suction power of the 12v vacuum cleaner in our shops or at the nearest Reimo dealer.

Tip: We recommend the 12v vacuum cleaner with cable, because with electricity from the socket, there is always enough energy for plenty of suction available.