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Car wash brush, car mop, telescopic car washing brush

Car wash brush, car mop, telescopic car washing brush
The surface to be cleaned in a caravan or a motorhome oftentimes is quite large, also the work appears extremely laborious.
A suitable washing brush can help, because this takes care of the main part of the cleaning. Particularly because of the height of the motorhome construction a telescopic washing brush often is indispensable. When choosing the right car-washing brush some points to consider, which are often forgotten:
  • The hardness of the bristles
  • It should be a washing brush with telescopic handle to have a maximum range.
  • The washing brush must not have hard edges.
  • There shall be no leakage of water from the washing brush with telescopic handle.

Die richtige Waschbürste für Wohnwagen, Wohnmobil, Campingbus und Boot

The hardness of the bristles of the car wash brush

It is often said that the bristles of a car wash brush should be as hard as possible. Elsewhere, you can read that they should have just the right strength. What does this actually mean? Ideally, the bristles are so hard that they effortlessly remove the dirt, but do not scratch the paints on the surfaces. This is a difficult compromise. In general, therefore: If in doubt, slightly softer bristles on a car wash brush are always the better choice to achieve an ideal cleaning result that does not scratch and damage the surfaces.

Telescopic car wash brush for maximum reach

When looking for a car wash brush for the caravan or motorhome you should always choose a telescopic car wash brush. A caravan has numerous corners and surfaces that are difficult to reach and therefore should be cleaned. Here the telescopic car wash brush which can be pulled out helps. In this way you can clean with a telescopic car wash brush difficult to reach corners. It is important to ensure that the telescopic handle on the washing brush fits well in the hand and does not slip. Most of the handles are skin-friendly with polyurethane foam padded.

Car cleaning brush - but without hard edges

The car cleaning brush should not have hard edges. Most people clean their caravan or motorhome with a lot of energy, so they can also remove deep-seated dirt with the car cleaning brush. It can happen again and again that the car cleaning brush hits the sides of the walls of the caravan or furniture. If the washing brush has hard edges, it could scratch the furniture or the walls of the motorhome. Therefore: It should be a car cleaning brush with telescopic handle - but without hard edges.
The latest generation of car cleaning brushes also has bristles on the left and right side of the scrubbing surface. Corners can be cleaned better, scratches and marks are avoided.

No wrong water outlet from the long handle car wash brush

One of the strengths of a long handle car wash brush is that it has a water connection, which makes cleaning much easier. Especially with a washing brush with telescopic handle, however, there are many models in which water leaks in the wrong place. Anyone who has ever worked with a very cheap long handle car wash brush, certainly knows the phenomenon that the hands are soaking wet at the end of the cleaning. Such a long handle car wash brush is neither environmentally friendly nor practical or pleasant. One should therefore make sure that the long handle car wash brush has a high quality just when the water is released and the handles are padded.

Conclusion: The right car wash brush is soft and practical

So a good washing brush has bristles that are not too hard and ideally run around the brush head. The washing brush should also have no hard edges. In addition, it should be a telescopic handle wash brush to easily reach all corners and surfaces without accidentally scratching walls or furniture. The washing brush with telescopic handle should also have a high quality in the delivery of water.