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Reimo Camping Megastore
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Melamine Tableware, Melamine Dinnerware, Melamine Mugs, Melamine Sets

Melamine Tableware, Melamine Dinnerware, Melamine mugs, Melamine sets

Melamine plates, melamine cups, camping dish set, melamine crockery, melamine set, melamine bowl, bamboo tableware, bamboo plate, bamboo dishes

Camping tableware made of melamine is the robust and weight-saving alternative for traveling and camping. Melamine is practically unbreakable and has a pleasant, smooth surface. Due to its considerably lower weight it is ideal for campers and caravans.
With Reimo you find a wide range of camping dishes in different fresh and contemporary designs. We offer melamine sets for two people or family crockery sets for 4, usually consisting of big and small plates, bowls and cups. Chic camping mugs and espresso cups made of melamine are also available. We offer placemats in matching designs.
New in 2015: Bamboo tableware! This leightweight camping tableware made of bamboo comes in fresh colours and is dishwasher proof up to max. 60 ° C.