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Caravan Covers, Caravan Winter Covers, Trailer Covers

Caravan Covers, Caravan Winter Covers, Trailer Covers

Caravan covers, caravan protective covers, caravan winter covers and trailer covers

The caravan covers protect your caravan not only in winter. Especially when your caravan is parked somewhere for a long time, it is worth buying a caravan cover. With such a cover you protect your caravan from rain, snow and moss. Whether you cover your caravan completely, or protect the roof with a caravan roof cover, your caravan will thank you!

More details about the caravan covers and trailer covers can be found below!

Which caravan covers or trailer covers do I need?

With the universal caravan covers, you determine the required size via the so-called belt measure. Here you simply measure around the widest part of your caravan. Please do not forget the possibly attached bike rack and other overhangs.

Which caravan covers or trailer covers fit for my caravan?

For the right caravan covers you only need the width and length of your caravan or trailer. Now, with these measures, you can simply pick the right caravan cover. Gable profiles for protective tarpaulins are available from Hindermann. With the profiles, spacers and protective corners you protect your caravan and the carvan roof from friction. Protected with gable profile and protective roof, you actively get the value of your caravan.

Caravan cover "Record"

The caravan cover "Record" is not only in a different price league. This winterproof roof tarpaulin is made of solid trevira fabric with PVC coating. The supplied carriers are set up with a distance of 80 to 100 cm. As standard, a caravan width protected by 270 cm. The roof overhang of the protective roof Record is front and rear between 60 to 70 cm.

Please specify when ordering a caravan cover "Record":

  • the vehicle width
  • caravan type
  • year of construction
  • any "add-ons" such as rooflight, satellite systems etc.
You can order your caravan cover "Record" (with the details above) at your local dealer or here at Reimo.

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