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Caravan movers, caravan motor movers, motor movers

Caravan movers, caravan motor movers, motor movers

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The Caravan Mover originate from England. On wet meadows a mover often called maneuvering, was, necessary. Today we distinguish between manual and automatic maneuvring systems. In the manual maneuvering the driving role of movers is pressed manually with a lever on the trailer tires. Then works the caravan mover with remote control.
Truma was one of the first German companies that have started to produce Mover. The Truma Mover have premium quality. They have proved to be excellent.
Almost all Mover maneuvering systems on the market fulfill their purpose, to maneuver the caravan remotely without manual effort. The differences between the various models are provided in details such as the automatic swiveled and the sensitivity of the controller.

How automatic mover maneuvring systems acting.

The automatic movers roller moves electrically to the caravan tires. The swiveled ceases when a certain contact pressure is reached. In the expensive automatic movers the pressure on the tire is measured and controlled.
Both the manual and the automatic movers are a great help when maneuvering the mobile homes and caravans on narrow stands.