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Caravan Motor Mover - Caravan Mover - Trailer Mover

Caravan Motor Mover - Caravan Mover - Trailer Mover

Caravan motor mover, trailer mover and caravan mover:
Reich MoveControl, Reich Easydriver, AL-KO Mammut, Enduro and Carbest Mover

Caravan maneuvering has been around for many years. The caravan movers are originally from England. On the wet meadows a caravan mover, often also called trailer mover, was necessary. Today we distinguish between manual maneuvering assistance and automatic maneuvering assistance. In manual maneuvering systems, the drive roller of the mover is manually pressed onto the trailer tire with a lever.

Truma was one of the first German companies to start producing caravan mover and trailer mover.
The Truma Mover have premium quality and have proven themselves over many years.
Nowadays, almost all caravan motor movers on the market fulfill their purpose. All caravan movers help you to remotely steer the caravan without manual effort. The differences between the individual maneuvering assistance models is in the details, such as the automatic swiveling and the sensitivity of the control system.
Manual caravan movers as well as automatic movers are a great help when maneuvering caravans and trailers in confined spaces.

Scroll down for more information about the caravan motor mover or trailer mover!

Caravan Motor Mover, Caravan Mover, Trailer Mover

Caravan movers, trailer movers, caravan motor movers are a real relief for your caravan holidays. Because imagine: You arrived at your campsite after a long journey. The pitch is well filled and maneuvering is difficult. But with a caravan mover you no longer need to crank your car or twist your back. No matter whether the ground is bumpy or wet. Bring your caravan into position with a simple remote control. You can also access some maneuvering systems for caravans with app and smartphone.

Caravan motor movers move your caravan with two 12v motors. These motors are installed near the tires and move the tires seperately.

Reimo offers caravan movers and trailer movers as a complete kit from the following brands:

All movers that you can buy in the Reimo onlinestore have a general operating permit (ABE), therefore no TÜV-entry is necessary.

How does an automatic caravan motor mover work?

In automatic movers, the drive roller electrically moves the caravan tire. Once a certain contact pressure is reached, it stops. The pivoting is done fully automatically. The automatic caravan mover is only operated via the supplied remote control.

How does manual caravan movers work?

Manual caravan movers - you have to lend a hand here yourself. You use a lever or a crank to push the drive shaft of the caravan mover onto the wheel of your caravan. But that's about it, from then on you can do the rest with your remote control.

  • A person can connect and disconnect the caravan with a maneuvering system
  • No more ragging or pushing caravans around
  • Super easy parking at the campsite
  • No reversing with the caravan on the clutch
  • Less parking damage, since you enjoy unobstructed visibility around the vehicle
  • Relaxing start of your holiday

Which caravan mover or trailer mover do I need?

For the lighter caravans, the first questions to ask is: Fully automatic? Or semi-automatic/manual? Take a look at the ground clearance of your caravan, how high may your mover be? Please note that some maneuvering kits require an adapter kit for attachment.

What kind of caravan mover should it be?

The gross vehicle weight of your caravan is the first clue here. Here are our suggestions for the following weight classes:

Caravans up to 1800kg

  • Ranger, EasyDriver Basic 1,8
  • EasyDriver Pro 1,8
  • MoveControl Economy L
  • GO2, Enduro ECO
  • CARA-Move

Caravans up to 2000kg

  • Truma Mover SR
  • Mover SX

Caravans up to 2300kg

  • Mover XT
  • EasyDriver Basic 2,3
  • EasyDriver Pro 2,3

Caravans up to 2400kg

  • Mover XT2
  • AL-KO Mammut

Caravans up to 2800kg

  • EasyDriver Basic 2,8
  • EasyDriver Pro 2,8

Caravans up to 3000kg

  • MoveControl Economy
  • MoveControl Compact

Caravans up to 3100kg 

  • Truma Mover XT4
  • EasyDriver Basic 3,1
  • EasyDriver Pro 3,1

Do you need a caravan mover for a caravan with tandem axle?

This limits the range of maneuvering options a bit, but there is still, for example, the Truma Mover XT2, Mover XT4, MoveControl Economy, EasyDriver Basic 2.8, EasyDriver Basic 3.1, Ranger for Tandem or the Mammoth of AL-KO.

Are there gradients that the trailer mover or caravan mover has to handle?

Is there flat terrain in front of you or should small inclines be managed? For example, is the domestic garage entrance provided with a small threshold? Is your campsite on a slope? Then you should definitely choose to more powerful variants.

Scope of delivery for caravan movers, caravan motor movers and trailer movers

All caravan movers, caravan motor movers and trailer movers are delivered without battery pack. We offer you various options to power your mover. From Truma's various Mover PowerSets, RELion's PowerSet, Dometic's Movepower, Carbest's Favorable EnergySet or Reich's Energy Pack.

To connect your caravan mover you basically need:

Of course, we have many of the offered movers for caravan, common spare parts and mounting accessories in stock. You can search for spare parts with the article number of the manufacturer on www.reimo.com, or go directly to our spare part shop.

Accessories and batteries for caravan motor mover, caravan mover and trailer mover

In addition to the tried-and-tested Truma Mover®, you will also find the MoveControl caravan mover range from Reich, Mammut from AL-KO and the Enduro and Carbest caravan movers in our caravan and camping shop, as well as the matching accessories.
For the operation of the caravan motor mover or caravan mover a battery with a special charger in the caravan is permanently installed. The Optima spiral cell battery, the GreenPower and, of course, the powerful Carbest batteries have proven their worth.

Reich caravan movers easydriver pro and basic

Die neueste Generation der Rangierhilfen von Reich heißen easydriver basic und Reich easydriver pro. Die easydriver basic Rangierhilfe Modelle werden mit einer Handkurbel oder einem Akkuschrauber angeschwenkt. Das Rangieren erfolgt dann mit der Fernbedienung. Die easydriver pro Modelle werden per Fernbedienung angeschwenkt und per Fernbedienung gesteuert. Es gibt jeweils zwei Gewichtsklassen. Für Tandemachser-Wohnwagen gibt es weitere 4 Rangierhilfe Modelle mit einer höheren Leistung. The latest generation of Reich caravan movers are called easydriver basic and empire easydriver pro. The easydriver basic maneuvering models are swiveled in with a hand crank or a cordless screwdriver. The maneuvering is done with the remote control. The easydriver pro models are swiveled in via remote control and controlled by remote control. There are two weight classes each. For tandem axle caravans there are 4 more maneuvering models with a higher performance.
There is a 5-year warranty for all easydrivers.

*The newer Truma Movers are only allowed to be sold by registered Truma dealers and service partners!

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