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Jockey Wheel - Caravan Jockey Wheel - Trailer Jockey Wheel

Jockey Wheel - Caravan Jockey Wheel - Trailer Jockey Wheel

Large selection of trailer jockey wheels and caravan jockey wheels!

What do I need a jockey wheel for?

You can easily maneuver your caravan or trailer with a jockey wheel. Because, the caravan jockey wheel takes over the pressure load of the ball hitch and keeps your tow bar horizontal. With the height adjustment on the trailer jockey wheel, you can straighten the caravan or trailer and easily connect it to the towing vehicle. In addition, the trailer jockey wheel helps to maneuver your caravan or horse box. The larger the diameter of the caravan jockey wheel, the better. You will appreciate a large tire diameter of the jockey wheel at soft or wet grounds. Experience has shown that the wide jockey wheel slides better over soft surfaces and the trailers are easier to maneuver.

We offer the following manufacturers:
  • ALKO jockey wheel for 150 kg, 200 kg and 300 kg load
  • Winterhoff jockey wheels for 150 kg and 500 kg load
  • Carbest jockey wheel for 200 kg load
  • AL-KO and Winterhoff jockey wheel with scale
A caravan jockey wheel or trailer jockey wheel with scale makes it easier to balance the caravans load. Too much weight can be seen on the scale of your jockey wheel at a glance. So you can immediately begin to load the caravan or trailer differently. The correct load on the caravan jockey wheel or trailer jockey wheel is important for safe handling of the trailer and towing vehicle. The subsequent repacking of the caravans loads at the request of our law enforcement officers is annoying and can be expensive. Therefore we recommend a jockey wheel with scale
Here you will find the scales!

Jockey wheel with solid rubber, air filled or made of plastic?

Good question! First of all it is a matter of how much money you would want to spent. The air filled jockey wheels are a bit more expensive but more comfortbale. So But the air needs to be controlled. For longer immobilisation time we would not recommend the air filled jockey wheel. So, the solid rubber jockey wheels or the ones made of plastic are absolutely sufficient. Please note here as well the maximum load weight.

Clamps for the caravan jockey wheel

Clamps for the caravan jockey wheel are available in different versions. Clamps for the jockey wheel are avilable in 35mm, 48mm and 60mm. Please make sure which diameter you need for your jockey wheel.

Spare tires for the jockey wheel

Of course, you can also buy spare tires for your jockey wheel. Whether plastic, solid rubber or air filling, here you will definitely find something. Depending on the permitted load on the support wheel, the rim is made of steel or plastic.

Retrofit double jockey wheel

Double jockey wheels can be easily retrofitted. The existing jockey wheel can normally be easily replaced with the two wheels with the universal axle. With the quick release cotter pin, the double jockey wheel is quickly attached. This jockey wheel is very well suited for loose and / or wet grounds.

Stabiliser legs for caravans and trailers

Stabiliser legs for caravans or horse trailers stabilize your drawbar where no jockey wheel is needed. For example, for longer standing caravans, the stabiliser arm with crank makes absolutely sense. The stabiliser arm with crank supports your drawbar, the crank allows you to adjust the height until you have a flat surface in your caravan.

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