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Alko stabiliser, safety coupling Winterhoff

Alko stabiliser, safety coupling Winterhoff

Winterhoff WS 3000, AKS 3004, AL-KO AKS 1300, AKS 2000, AKS 2004

The normal drawbar ball coupling heads are the front end of the trailer and be clamped onto the trailer ball at car, camper or caravan.
The coupling heads are standardized, the most famous manufacturers AL-KO and Winterhoff.
Both the AL-KO and the Winterhoff safety couplings are easy to use and prevent from friction that swaying the pendant.
The Winterhoff safety couplings have a safety fitment indicator and a wear indicator for friction linings. The safety couplings of AL-KO indicate color, whether the coupling is seated correctly. A red wear indicator indicates whether the brake pads are worn and need to be replaced.
In Winterhoff the safety coupling named WS 3000 etc. For AL-KO the abbreviation AKS stands for the name of anti-snaking coupling is. The numbers at the end indicate the weight category, for which the coupling is suitable.