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Caravan Stabiliser & Tow Bar Stabiliser

Caravan Stabiliser & Tow Bar Stabiliser

Buy yourself a big piece of security with a tow bar stabiliser and caravan stabiliser!

The tow bar stabiliser by ALKO, Winterhoff and Knott are the minimum equipment of many caravans and trailers today. The tow bar stabiliser ensures a quiet ride with your caravan or trailer.

The caravan stabiliser keeps your caravan or trailer on the road!

Even more comfortable and safer is a caravan stabiliser from ALKO or other manufacturers. Transverse acceleration sensors in the caravan stabiliser already detect slight sideways movements. The trailer is braked gently within a few seconds. All this happens normally before the EPS, which is installed in the car, detects anything. In this category you will find the following items for your safety:

  • Alko tow bar stabiliser, caravan stabiliser
  • Knott ETS Plus
  • Safety tow bar Winterhoff WS300 D
The caravan stabilisers offered here are suitable for almost all caravan chassis.
If we do not have the caravan stabiliser you need in our range, please ask (preferably with article number and supplier information) your Reim local retailer or at Reimo.

Scroll down for further details about the caravan stabiliser and tow bar stabiliser!

ALKO products against lurching and skidding

The product variety of ALKO is mainly about caravan chassis. The safety accessories for the ALKO hitch include many different items such as
  • die Tow bar stabiliser iDC
  • das Caravan satbiliser iDC
  • die ALKO ADC trailer control

What is the advantage of an tow bar stabiliser, where is the difference to the "normal" caravan hitch?

A tow bar stabiliser is basically the same structure as a normal trailer hitch. The basic difference is only that the hitch is provided with a damper (spring-loaded friction linings). This damper or brake pad ensures that the rocking is prevented as long as possible. Even wrong loading has less impact on the driving behavior of your caravan.

Grease tow bar stabiliser?

NO, never grease the tow bar stabiliser! In contrast to the normal hitch (where fats are okay), the ASK must never come into contact with grease. The effect of the ASK is based on the friction linings (similar to the brake pads), due to the fat the desired friction is prevented and the safety of your caravan is severely impaired.

Tow bar stabiliser KNOTT ETS Plus

The KNOTT ETS Plus reacts immediately in controlled situations with controlled braking. This is how KNOTT system ETS Plus reliably prevents rolling movements. Modern sensors and high-performance materials guarantee maximum safety, longevity and reliability with the KNOTT ETS Plus. With special software, the data from the KNOTT ETS Plus are precisely evaluated in real time - so that, for example, bumps or similar standard situations that are overrun do not trigger the brakes. But when it gets critical, the software reacts immediately to keep your caravan safely on the road.

Winterhoff safety hitches, stabilize and couple with the lever system

Winterhoff safety hitches or tow bar stabiliers e.g. Winterhoff WS3000 D have the 100 km / h approval. The large friction linings and a built-in indicator ensures a long running time. With a Winterhoff safety hitch and tow bar stabiliser it takes up to 30% longer, until the caravan becomes unstable and, if so, the rocking begins.

Find here the caravan locks for even more safety!

NEVER grease tow bar stabilisers or safety hitches!!!

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