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Camping TV - 12V Camping TV - Motorhome TV

Camping TV - 12V Camping TV - Motorhome TV

Motorhome TV, caravan TV, motorhome television, campervan TV, 12v TV for caravan, camper TV

15 inch, 19 inch, 22 inch and 24 inch camping TV

Buy a 12v camping TV for your motorhome, truck,caravan campervan and camping holiday.
Order here the new 12v Smart TV, a 12V LED TV with DVD with 24v and 230v connection and other accessories.

We offer camping TVs by
  • Carbest
  • Alphatronics
  • Megasat
  • Oyster
LED Backlight, DVB-T2, DVB-S2, DVB-C Receiver, Internet, DVD, USB 2.0, SCART - the accessory list goes on!
The respective features of your desired 12v camping TV can be found on the detail pages of each camping TV.
Motorhome TV, caravan TV and campervan TV are available in different screen sizes: 15 inch, 19 inch, 22 inch and 24 inch.
Our Carbest camping TV can usually be operated with 12v, 24v and 230v.

Scroll down for further information about the 12v camping TV!

12v camping TV and 24v camping TV in motorhome, truck, caravan and camper

12v camping TVs and 24v camping TVs need to be very robust, be it in large temperature fluctuations or vibrations on the road. So, very cheap 12v camping TVs are mostly a waste of money and not worth it. The robust 12v camping TV for motorhomes, caravans and campers has a vibration-reducing construction. This is why they are perfect to use in a motorhome, caravan, truck or campervan.

Camping TV by Carbest

Carbest is Reimo's own brand. We have been successfully selling high quality camping TVs with many features and high-quality equipment for many years. By purchasing directly from local producers, Carbest camping TVs have a very good price-performance ratio.
You can start watching TV immediately after buying with the rod aerial for DVB-T. Carbest camping TVs have an extra on/off switch to save power. Reimo's Carbest camping TVs are equipped with a triple tuner and wide angle display.
The energy efficiency of the latest generation (of the generation 2019) of the Carbest camping TV is A. You can use your camping TV by Carbest for camping, truck, motorhome, caravan and campervan with the power supply of 100-240v and the car adapter for 12-230v with cigarette lighter plug.

Smart TV - watch with Alphatronics

The 12v Smart TV from the SL-Line is in the Alphatronics program since 2019. The 12v Smart TV from Alphatronics is equipped with a Basic Smart function, so the 12v TV chave access to the Internet via an integrated browser. A Carbest, radiate brighter light and deeper black due to the backlight technology. Blacklight technology gives lifelike and high-contrast image display.

15 inch, 19 inch, 22 inch or 24 inch?

15 inch, 19 inch, 22 inch or 24 inch, which TV you exactly need, depends on the respective installation situation in camper, truck, caravan or camper.
Sure, you would like to have a 22 inch or a 24 inch TV. But it does not make sense if you do not have the space or possibilities to stow or install such a large camping TV. An installation point is usually provided in motorhome or caravan.
Please measure exactly what size of camping TV can really be installed in your vehicle
19 inch TVs often differ immensely in the size of the frame or the installation depth. Sometimes, "only" the 15 inch device fits, which also guarantees a very good picture and great television enjoyment.
When buying your camping TV look out if it has for a removable foot. In many cases, the camping TV is installed in caravans, trucks or motorhomes without feet. But for private use, for example, in the garden shed, a foot may be urgently needed again.

Optional soundbar for the camping TV

To complete the enjoyment of watching TV with your camping TV, various manufacturers such as Alphatronics, Megasat, or Oyster offer a Soundbar for your 12v camping TV or 24v camping TV. Depending on the manufacturer, the Soundbar for campers, caravans, trucks and motorhomes can be connected via WIFI, AUX, COAX or Bluetooth.

12v camping TV in a chic look

The 12v TV impress by their very narrow, sturdy housing frame. The housing of the 12v camping TV is usually kept in elegant black high gloss lacquer. So you have a noble "eye-catcher" in your motorhome, truck, caravan or camper. The various connections are space-saving and the cables of satellite system, PC and other devices can be connected concealed.

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