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Motorhome Air Suspension - Camper Air Suspension - Van Air Suspension

Motorhome Air Suspension - Camper Air Suspension - Van Air Suspension

Fiat Ducato air suspension, Ducato air suspension, Sprinter air suspension, Movano air suspension

The air suspension on the rear axle significantly impoves the handling and suspension comfort of vehicles with a "garage".
The air pressure of the air spring can be adjusted to the loading condition of the motorhome via a pressure gauge, which is usually located in the driver's entry area. If a small compressor is mounted in the vehicle, this can even be done on the road.

Full air suspension

The full air suspension consists of 4 air springs, a compressor and a comprehensive control device. For driving into the parking garage, the vehicle height can be significantly reduced with the luxury version. For high speeds on the highway the motorhome or camper can be lowered by a few simple steps. For poor roads and high loading conditions, the ground clearance can be increased.
ATTENTION: The range of functions depends on the respective model and base vehicle.

Coil spring and leaf spring

Coil spring: Usually the standard coil spring is replaced by one that is suitable for higher weights in the camper or motorhome. Leaf spring: Usually the standard leaf spring is reinforced by an additional spring leaf. Alternatively, a more stable leaf spring can be used.