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Motorhome Towbars - Motorhome Trailer Hitch - Motorhome Hitch

Motorhome Towbars - Motorhome Trailer Hitch - Motorhome Hitch

Motorhome towbars, motorhome trailer hitch: Transport your motorcycle, trailer, bicycles and much more safely!

The motorhome towbars usually consist of a ball head with bracket and an adapter set.
The adapter set is used to initiate and distribute the load forces acting on the ball coupling to the frame extension of the motorhome. The hitch must therefore be matched to the chassis manufacturer and/or the frame extension. In addition, an electric kit for the trailer coupling is needed to ensure the electrical connection between motorhome and trailer.
Find here the trailer socket, trailer plug!

You need a different motorhome towbar or hitch?

This can usually be ordered without any problems.
For this we need from you:

1. VIN (chassis number)
2. Basic vehicle
3. Manufactuerer
4. Model / type designation
5. Year of construction
6. Gladly, copy of registration document
7. Item number of the desired hitch (if available)

Please give these information to either your local Reimo retailer or our ordering service at Reimo.
We would like to ask for you directly at our supplier!