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VW T5 & T6 Multivan Elevating Roof


Your Multivan T6 with a pop-up roof doesn’t have to stay a dream!

Equip your Multivan with a pop-up roof and create two additional sleeping spaces in the roof of your VW T5 or T6. Spontaneous overnight stays are made easy for you in your VW Multivan with pop top roof fitted.
Overnight stays “upstairs” are always the highlight for any children. With the newer type of roof bed systems sleeping on the roof bed is also now more comfortable for adults as well. In recent years we have put a lot of effort into optimizing the comfort of the sleeping space.
Try the T5/T6 Camping experience for two or four people and live the Bulli dream!

A Multivan with a Reimo roof is a practical, everyday vehicle with the “feel-good” factor!

A Multivan with a pop top roof makes a very comfortable camping bus. With the roof up you create a more practical living space with greater standing room and thus improving your living quality.

Can I install a T5 or T6 elevating roof myself?

Good question, in former years this was often done. However, please keep in mind that the demand on vehicles has increased considerably in the last few years. The buses and vans should be spacious, but also fast and comfortable like a car. The installation frames and bonding procedures must be adapted to these new specifications.

Therefore our clear recommendation is to have your folding roof, pop up roof or Hightop roof installed by a specialist!

The certified Reimo van conversion partners regularly take part in courses at our company and are trained in the latest adhesive and installation techniques. In a rare warranty case, you are on the safe side and have a competent contact person in your area!
Many other roofs for VW buses can be found in our conversion shop under: pop up roof, hightop roof, lifting roof

The following does not apply to the UK:

If you would like to equip your Multivan with a sleeping roof, cupboard and kitchen part then maybe in your federal state, a registration as a special vehicle camper can be done. This would give you a reduced car tax. If and how it works for you, please ask your local registration!