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Campervan Bike Rack - Bike Rack for Van - VW Bike Rack - Fiat Ducato Bike Rack

Campervan Bike Rack - Bike Rack for Van - VW Bike Rack - Fiat Ducato Bike Rack

Bike racks for vans and campervan bike racks
- VW T4 bike rack, VW T5 bike rack, VW T6 bike rack & more

Find more information about the campervan bike rack and bike rack for van below!

Carry Bike, Eurocarry oder Thule Elite Van, eines haben sie alle gemeinsam!

VW T4 bika rack, VW T5 bike rack, VW T6 bike rack - for easy transport for 2 to 4 bikes. Because what would a camping holiday be without the bike? Of course, you appreciate that you can fit in almost any parking space with your VW van, Transit or Trafic. But the storage space is not quite as big in these vehicles as in a motorhome. Before buying your campervan bike rack you should pay attention to your wishes, needs and possibilities:
  • Is there enough space for a bicycle in the van? Or, for example, you just need a Bicycle rack for Reimo Variotech seat rails or a different system for the motorhome rear garage?
  • How many bicylces would you like to bring?
  • Do you often go by ferry? Then you should check how long your vehicle will be with the rear carrier, in case your vehicle is then another category.
  • What may be loaded on your vehicle? What are the axle loads?
  • Is there a trailer hitch that can be set up?
  • Can you still lift the bikes correctly, or is a lowerable bike carrier interesting?
  • Would you like to be able to open your rear windows?
  • It is practical if the rear doors, for example, the Ducato (despite full load of the bike racket) can still be opened

What do I have to consider when installing a bike rack for van?

VW T6 bike rack, VW T5 bike rack or VW T4 bike rack on the campervan must be fastened in such a way that the load of the bicycles is, if possible, intercepted via the hinges of the tailgate, or via the bumper. At the same time, the license plate must be clearly visible from different angles.
That's why not every bike carrier needs a license plate. Because in the vehicle registration regulation (FZV) is written, when a license plate is required for a bicycle rack.
It says in § 10 paragraph 9 sentence 1 FZV:
"If the rear license plate is partially or completely covered by a load carrier or cargo, the license plate must be repeated on the vehicle or on the load carrier."

Reimo offers special VW T4 bike racks, VW T5 bike racks, VW T6 bike racks and many ióther bike racks for vans, which are particularly well adapted to the campervan. Here, the license plate is usually still very visible.

Assembly of your campervan bike rack

Original Assembly Instructions are of course always included with Carry Bike, Euro Carry and the Thule Elite Van, but it is important to think about the attachment in advance.
Interesting to know is:
  • Where is the campervan bike rack attached to on the T6, T5, T4, Transit, Trafic or Ducato?
    Directly on the vehicle wall or with the trailer hitch?
  • How is the campervan bike rack fixed?
    Clipped to the tailgate, or bolted directly in the rear door?
It is also important how you can open your trunk or your rear garage.
There are three different mechanisms at the moment. Pivoting, so that the campervan bike rack releases the tailgate. To the rear, left, right sliding, or tilting - the the danger zone when slamming the door. Because a rear door fully loaded with bicycles is much more expansive than the original model.

When buying your bike rack for van please pay attention to payload and axle load of your campervan

Include the weight of the carrier, the weight of the required fasteners and that of the bicycles. All this together must not exceed the permitted payload of your van. As the distance between the axle and the weight to be loaded further strengthens the lever. The result is that the rear axle gets more weight, but the front axle is relieved. So in the worst case you lose some driving safety. However, you can calculate very quickly whether you, your vehicle and your carrier are still in a good place when it comes to axle load.

The formula for calculating the axle load is:
(D(istance loading to the rear axle) + W(heelbase)) / W(heelbase) + L(oad weight)
A small example of (D + W) / W * L:
Short wheelbase VW T6 = 3m, Weight bike carrier 10kg, your 2 bicycles 30kg Attachment is about 100cm behind the rear axle. (1,0+3) / 3x40, that would be, for example, 53.3kg on the rear axle. That's about 13kg more than the assumed initial weight.

Bringing bicycles in or on the van is easy

The offer is huge, make your choice. As long as you keep an eye on the permissible weight of the vehicle and carrier in mind and the mounting options on your vehicle, it is not a problem.
Then there is nothing in the way of your holiday with your beloved bike!

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